Keepsakes from your babys first year

There are many items you can save as keepsakes once your baby has passed their first birthday. During your baby’s first year he or she will have grown out of clothing and toys, and there are many milestones that you can mark along the way. If you are thinking of making a keepsake box, a few ideas on what to put in it before you start will help you decide if something should be thrown out, passed on or put away safely.

Many hospitals now offer not only a printed image of your baby, but also 3D and even 4D images on DVD and other media. These are perfect items to include in your keepsake box. You may also want a photo taken very soon after the birth, and photos from other milestones such as sitting up unaided or walking baby’s first steps. You may have been given a photo album as a baby shower gift, which will be a great place to keep the photos safe from creasing.

If your baby was born in hospital, you may want to keep the identity tag you had on your wrist or the one your baby was given. If your baby’s birth was announced in your local newspaper, then a cutting of that would be a good addition to your photo album. Keeping the front page of a national newspaper from the day your baby was born is also a popular keepsake.

Any tags that were attached to bunches of flowers received as new baby gifts can also be kept in your keepsake box. If there was celebrating with champagne to wet the baby’s head, you might also want to keep the cork from the bottle.

Once your baby gets home, the toys and clothes can soon pile up. If there is a special bib or outfit that you particularly like, wash and dry it thoroughly after the final time your baby is likely to wear it. The outfit can then be wrapped in tissue paper and stored flat in your keepsake box. Christening gowns are often treated the same way, although you may need yours again for any subsequent babies that come along.

Small toys that find their way regularly into your baby’s cot might be candidates for a keepsake box. This will depend on how attached your baby becomes to them. It may be some years before your child relinquishes their grip on a special teddy and manages to sleep through the night without it.

A first cutlery set, or a first brush and comb are often set aside to go into a keepsake box. These are usually too ornate to be used every day, but too pretty to be passed on to friends or relatives with new babies. Baby’s first pair of shoes is definitely something you will want to save. There are companies that will dip the shoes in silver or even gold for you if you wish. Keeping the shoes just as they are will be a great reminder of going to buy them and watching your child take their first steps in them.

Little things your baby has during his or her first year are perfect for saving in a keepsake box. When your child grows up, bringing out the box on a rainy afternoon can prompt some great quality time with your child as they go over each item and listen to your stories of how it came to be included.