Keeping your little one in bed

Bedtime battles with toddlers are commonplace. Trying to get a toddler to stay in bed can turn into a game, which is not desired at the end of the day when feeling tired. With other duties that need to be tended to before a rest can take place, time is valuable and fast ticking away. With this in mind, it can add to the stress of the bedtime battle, which can seem unrelenting. Wouldn’t it be bliss if you could keep your child in bed with no fuss to be able to complete the day for some much earned rest? A few simple changes can make all the difference to the bedtime routine to keep your little one in bed.

The importance of a bedtime routine

One of the most important rituals that can help a child ease into bed for a good night’s sleep is a consistent bedtime routine. Having time to unwind from the day to prepare for sleep is important to allow your child to adjust ready for sleep. Knowing that the end of the day is nearing prepares your child for bedtime. Set aside thirty minutes to allow for relaxing and getting ready for bed. Have a simple and effective routine that works best for you both. A consistent routine allows for more cooperation and understanding.

The bedtime routine

Have your child assist in tidying and putting away to conclude the day. Once everything is tidy it brings a sense of calm. Lower the lights and the tone to help your toddler adjust, and keep everything calm and quiet. Even if your child is still flapping about in excitement it is essential to remain calm and low key to settle your child. A bath can help with relaxation, if this is the case then add it to the bedtime routine. Ensure that your toddler visits the bathroom to avoid any fuss once in bed. A bedtime story is the perfect way to end the day to ease your toddler into a happy and calm state.

The bedroom

Another important aspect to ensure your toddler wants to go to bed and stay there is to ensure that the room is an inviting place where they enjoy being. If there are any fears or if your child finds it hard to stay in bed consider changing the room around and address any problems to help your little one feel at ease. Ensure the bed is the right size, is comfortable and is located where they would like it. Allow your toddler to select a bed set with their favorite characters on or a pretty theme. Make their room a place where they want to be, and ensure that there are no areas that can cause fears once the lights are out.

Be in control

Stay in control to ensure bedtimes are fuss free so that your toddler gets a good night’s rest, and you get free time to complete the day and rest. Inform your toddler that they are a big girl/boy and that they must sleep in their bed and stay in bed. Be assertive and positive to allow them to understand. Once the bedtime routine culminates, say goodnight and quietly retreat. Keep it simple and avoid conversation or lingering. Should your toddler get out of bed, escort them back to bed and reinforce: “its bedtime” in a hushed voice. This may need to be repeated several times. Stay in control and avoid caving in to their whims. Repeating the process allows your child to understand that they must stay in bed.

Being firm and consistent and sticking to your own rules for bedtime can ensure a much more relaxed routine and a calmer bedtime. Getting your toddler to stay in bed can take some effort, however, be persistent and the results will be rewarding. A child that goes to bed happily and gets a good night’s sleep can only be a good thing. The initial change may seem difficult, but give it time and the bedtime battles can be a thing of the past.