Keeping your Children Safe at Summer Camp

Summer Camp can be great fun and a fantastic way for kids to get the full benefit of Summer. Having said that though you would not want your children to just go anywhere and with anyone, would you?. Keeping your children safe at summer camp begins with making sure that they are going to a reputable camp, with responsible leaders. In todays climate of increased awareness of paedophiles and ‘couldn’t care less attitudes’ you need to know that the camp in question is of the highest standards and 100% safety aware. Make sure that you have checked out the camp’s background and made sure that it meets with all the basic requirements, but hopefully exceeds expectations.

If at all possible try to have a visit before your child is booked in. Better still make it a covert visit as this is will more than likely be when, if anything is wrong, you will find out.

Make sure that your children know how to act sensibly, whilst having fun. They should know there own limitations. Ideally your child or children will be reasonably fit and competent swimmers.

Talk to the camp leaders about any health issues that your child may have. If a child has asthma for example the staff will need to be aware. Make sure that your child has all his or her medication with them.

When you talk to the camp leaders make sure that they know what you expect from them and your child. Do not give them a carte blanch to impose any restrictions which they feel like doing on your child, unless there is sound reasoning behind this.

Make sure also that your child has enough money and phone time on a mobile phone to be able to contact you if necessary. Oldies like me will remember well the Alan Sherman ‘Camp Grenada’ song with fondness. However, bullying and the like can be prevalent at summer camps and children should know from you just what they should, or should not, have to endure. I had a personal experience of a Summer Camp many years ago where many of us where lucky not to lose our lives in a swimming accident. It is a fact of life that now and then the unforeseen happens. Hopefully though it will be a very rare occurrence and the staff will be fully prepared and trained for such eventualities and there will be no crisis.