Keeping children out of the kitchen for safety sake

Children can have accidents in the kitchen that can prove quite terrifying. This can range from burns which cause permanent disfigurement and electrocution which can prove fatal. All in all, the kitchen is never a safe place for the children to be.

The best way of ensuring a kitchen that is safe for children is to keep them out of it, especially when meals are being prepared. If the kitchen has children in it, they are a threat not only to themselves from the sharp knives and various electrical appliances in the kitchen, but may also cause the adult in the kitchen to get distracted thus adding to the chances of an accident to the adult. Children can move very fast and adults can never recover fast enough from the distraction of the work they are doing to react quickly enough to prevent a child from getting hurt.

How to ensure safety?

To ensure maximum safety for children in a kitchen, it is best to see that all items like knives, appliances, cleaning supplies and cookware are kept in storage that can be locked. If possible, place all such items at a height so that children cannot reach them easily. A height of six feet is best if you do not find it too inconvenient. If the kitchen appliance has a rare use it is best kept in a place where the child cannot get to it at all, even if this place has to be situated away from the kitchen. This will also decrease the clutter in the kitchen that seems to attract children. Make it a rule in the house that only things that belong in a kitchen or are needed for cooking are kept in the kitchen. Never make the kitchen a place where you keep books, writing tools or newspapers as children may inadvertently come into the kitchen looking for them and thus be susceptible to an accident. Practicing this rule assiduously is a good safety measure.


Look at your kitchen through your child’s eyes and see if there is anything in it there can be of interest to the child or be the cause of his inquisitiveness. Keep refrigerators and cooking ranges in such a way that a child cannot go behind them. See that all electrical wires and power outlets are never within reach of a child. Smaller children can be deterred by child gates at the entry point of the kitchen and keeping the playpen or highchair just behind the gate, so that you can see the child when you are in the kitchen getting a meal ready, is a good idea.

The dishwasher is another kitchen appliance that can cause quite horrifying accidents among children because of the steam that comes from the dishwasher after it has completed part of its cycle. It constitutes a threat not only for the child but also adults if they are around. So use a dishwasher when children are not in the home or when they have gone to sleep.