Keep your Kids Writing

The summer is a time for kids to have fun in the sun. That does not mean that they should not be continuing to practice their writing skills over the summer. It does not take a lot of time to keep them in practice. Furthermore, it does not have to be a chore. You can turn it into an enjoyable game, which is something that they may need on those rainy or too hot summer days.

Making writing seem like a chore is the worst thing that you can do, if you want to keep your child writing during their vacation. Always encourage voluntary writing at all times of the year. Never behave as if it is something that your child just has to ‘get through.’ Keep a positive attitude about and make it fun for them by applying their interests to their home writing. In short, do not make them write an essay about something that bores them. Let them choose to write about whatever they want, be it a short story, a report or simply a journal entry. The important thing is that they use their mind and develop their writing skills. It is not about content when it comes to keeping your kids writing during the summer.

One of the best things you can do to keep your kid writing during the summer is to come up with writing games. Here is a list of a few writing games ideas that you and your kids may enjoy.

-You write a sentence. I write a sentence. This one involves both you and your child. One or the other of you starts a short story with a sentence. Then, the other participant writes a sentence, and so on, until you have a complete story. This can actually be a really funny game.

-Pick an adjective and a noun. I learned this game from another writer and it can be really fun. Have your child pick an adjective and a noun, or you do it for them. It can be anything from purple banana to slippery firetrucks, whatever you want. From there, they can write a story or a poem. The only rule is that they have to include those words, at least once. This is a fun challenge to do together. It is interesting to see what different ideas people come up with using the same two words.

-Make a fake character and then interview them. This is a great creative game. Have your kid think up a character. Then, have them write interview questions and answer them, as they believe that character would. This one really requires a little imagination.

In the end, the only two things you can do to keep your child writing during the summer are to make it fun and not treat it as a chore. If you stick to this, you may find that your child writes on his or her own, without any prompting from you.