Junior Girl Scout Badge Activities Theater

There are many different people with various jobs that help to put on a theatrical performance.  Your Junior Girl Scouts will learn about the theater while earning her “Theater” Junior badge.  Six of the following ten activities must be completed for each Girl Scout to earn this patch.


Masks are sometimes used during performances.  For this first activity your Junior will need to make her own mask to be used during a skit that she creates.

The Many Characters

Many different characters are in a play including a lead character, the supporting characters, and then the extras.  To complete this requirement, your Junior will need to read a play and then choose one of the characters to focus on.  She should study this character to understand the character’s behavior, personality, and also how the other characters view this chosen person.


Your Juniors will love this next activity as they will be playing a game of charades.  The first step is to put the name of anything like people (policeman, mailman, etc.) or objects (plane, chair, etc.) on small pieces of paper.  The girls will then take turns picking a piece of paper and acting like whatever is written on it until the other players guess correctly or give up.

Human Mirror

For this activity your Juniors will work in pairs to make a human mirror.  One person in the pair will be the leader while the other person will be the “mirror image.”  The leader will make slow movements that the mirror image will need to imitate exactly like a reflection would.  The pair should switch places after a little while.

Expressive Talking

How we say things can affect the meaning of the words spoken.  Your Junior Girl Scouts will demonstrate this by saying the same sentence at least five times in five different ways.  They can use any emotion that they want to affect how they are speaking such as anger, frustration, happiness, surprise, etc.

Costumes and Props

In this next activity, your Juniors will need to use materials in their households to make costumes and props for a performance.


Make-up can be used to completely change the look of a person for a performance.  To complete this requirement, your Junior should watch a professional apply make-up to someone in person.  The Juniors should then try their hand at applying make-up to someone so they look like any character that is human or animal.

Using your Voice

There are certain ways that you can use your voice to project loudly.  Your Junior should practice this by putting her hands on her waist and breathing in.  If she is breathing properly, she will feel her waist expanding when she breathes in and shrinking when she breathes out.  She should see how much she can expand her waist when breathing in.  Next, your Junior should try saying “AHHH” while breathing out.  A partner should time how long she can make this sound.  Then, your Junior can practice making the same sound as loudly as she can.  Lastly, your Girl Scout will see how long she can say “AHH” in the loudest way she can.

International Theater

For this next activity your Junior will learn about a theater that is in another country.  She should then make any sort of display or make any presentation about what she learned.

Watching a Performance

This last activity is a lot of fun as the only requirement is to go see any sort of live performance.

Your Junior Girl Scouts will have lots of fun while learning about the different jobs that the various people who work in a theater hold while earning her “Theater” Junior badge.


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