Junior Girl Scout Badge Activities Let’s get Cooking

The Junior Girl Scout Let’s Get Cooking badge activities consist of ten stimulating cooking experiences. Junior Girl Scouts need only complete six of them, but nobody will stop them from trying all. They will learn about healthful cooking habits, making their own meals, and healthy habits concerning eating and food.

The first activity in the list, Keeping it Clean, is as the activity name suggests, keeping clean and healthy habits when it comes to using our hands in cooking. Your daughter will be required to do an experiment that involves showing how clean and dirty hands make a difference in preventing or promoting bacteria growth.

In this experiment, she will handle two slices of apple, a slice with a clean hand, and another with a dirty hand. Both apple slices are to be kept in similar containers under similar conditions. Your daughter will then take note of the differences in the two slices of apple and conclude that dirty hands can pass bacteria to our food and hence to our body.

You can help your daughter apply what she has learnt in the first activity to the second activity called When in Doubt, Throw It Out. In this second activity, your daughter has to talk to someone who deals with food health, such as a health educator, a dietician or a restaurant owner as to how long we can keep different kinds of leftovers in the refrigerator before they become dangerous for us to eat. They also need to find out how long a picnic lunch can be kept out of refrigeration and how to keep food safe.

The third activity, Have It Your Way, is a group activity. You may want to let your child invite her group over to your place to have their meetings. Their task is to create their own healthy fast-food restaurant with their own menu, prices, and unique restaurant look. They also have to decide on the various roles they will take up such as the chef, the waitress, or the manager. You and the other girls’ mothers can be their guests to try some of the recipes they have to come up with.

Something for Everyone is a social venture that teaches Junior Girl Scouts the reality of life – that while some grow obese and weighed down with fats-related issues, others are dying from hunger. The Girl Scouts have to collect nutritious food that will withstand the test of time, such as cereal, pasta and canned food, and donate them to shelters and organizations that are in need of food aid. Through this activity, the Junior Girl Scouts will also learn that having food on the plate at every meal is indeed a blessing, and that food is precious and not to be wasted.

The Perfect Egg activity requires the Junior Girl Scouts to create a recipe in which eggs are used. They can modify a local or foreign recipe because the use of eggs is widespread. Eggs are a cheaper source of protein than meat, and more easily available to the poor. They will also learn about hygienic ways to handle eggs, as well as nutritional facts about eggs.

Other activities involve learning about electric appliances used in cooking these days, making no-bake fruit pies, experimenting with blended drinks, modifying a recipe to make it healthier, and learning about recipes from other countries. Although the Junior Girl Scouts need to complete only six of the ten activities, it would be fun and beneficial for you to go through the remaining four with your daughter.