Junior Girl Scout Badge Activities Folk Arts

There are many different types of folk arts.  This type of art is the focus of the “Folk Arts” Junior badge.  Junior Girl Scouts must complete at least six of the following activities to earn this patch.


Modern families easily take family photographs, but this was not the case a long time ago.  In the past, there were painters that would travel to make paintings of families with certain items like family heirlooms, pets, books, toys, etc. that were important to the family.  Your Junior should draw or paint a picture of herself or her family in a style from the past.

Analyzing Photos

We can learn a lot from photographs.  For this activity, your Juniors should examine old family photographs or other old photos.  They should note the clothes, poses, and expressions of the people in the photograph.  These photographs should be compared to modern pictures.  The girls should think about what they can learn about the people and their lives from these photographs.  Lastly, your Juniors should write either a caption or short story related to the picture.


Your Juniors will learn about storytelling in this activity.  The first step will be to talk to a storyteller or a librarian about what special things they do to interest their audience.  Each girl should then choose a story like a fairy tale or myth to practice telling out loud.  After rehearsing their story, each girl should then recite all or part of the story to an audience.

Folk Dancing

In this activity, your Juniors will simply learn how to folk dance.  They should then teach friends or their fellow troop members the steps that they learned.

Historic Art Forms

Your Juniors may choose to learn about an art form that was done at least 75 years ago.  They should then complete a small project that is completed in this style.

Historic Toys

Toys used in the past, especially before electronics were invented, are very different from the toys of today.  Your Juniors should look at pictures of old toys or look at old toys in a place like a museum or antique store.  Lastly, they should hear stories from an elderly adult about the toys that he or she played with as a child.

International Folk Arts

Another activity that your Juniors may complete is to look at pictures of and learn about folk arts from at least three different countries.  Then, they should complete a folk art project using either written or oral directions that they receive.

Working Together

Some folk art projects require a lot of people working together like a troop quilt, taffy pulling, or other group activity.  To complete this activity, your Juniors should work with others on a group project.

New Folk Art

In this activity, your Juniors will make their own new folk art product.  This can be anything like painting something old, making candles or soap, adding decorations like beads or ribbons to clothing, or any other art.  All materials used should be non-toxic and safe for children.

Viewing Historic Items

The last activity that your Juniors may choose to complete is to visit a place like a museum or antique store that has collections of historic crafts or pieces of folk art.  They should find out how the items on display were used in the past.

Your Juniors will learn a lot about folk art while completing this Junior Girl Scout badge.


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