Junior Girl Scout Badge Activities doing Hobbies

The “Doing Hobbies” Junior badge is a patch that your Girl Scouts will have a lot of fun earning.  Each of the Junior Girl Scouts must complete at least six of the following ten activities to earn this patch.

Handmade Gift

In this first activity your Juniors will give a gift that is a product of their hobby.  If they make a craft as a hobby, then they can give a handmade item.  If your Junior’s hobby is something like reading or singing, then she can read or sing to someone.

The Right Hobby

For this activity, your Junior will evaluate her chosen hobby with an adult to see if it is the right hobby for her.  They should discuss questions like: is it fun for her, can she afford this hobby, does she have the right space to participate, where will the hobby be performed, is this hobby done alone, does she have the time to properly do this hobby, and are there any concerns like environmental or safety issues to take into consideration? 

Practicing and Teaching

To complete this requirement, your Junior should practice her hobby.  She may then either show others how her leisure pursuit is done or she can attempt to teach her hobby to another person.


Most hobbies have been performed for many, many years.  Your Junior should research the history of her hobby and should find out about other people who also participate in the same pastime.

Turning Hobbies into Careers

Some childhood hobbies can be turned into careers as people grow up.  Your Junior should research three different careers that incorporates her hobby.  She should compare and contrast her hobby and the careers.  Lastly, each Junior should think about if any of the three careers seems like a good option for the future.


There are many people that share the same hobby.  Each of the Junior Girl Scouts should participate in her hobby with a group of other people who have the same interest.  Someone who likes to paint could paint with other people, for example.

International Hobbies

Hobbies can be different in countries that are not your own.  Your Junior should pick one country to find out about one popular hobby there.  They may research the information in any way available like in books, online, or speaking to someone who is from their chosen country.  Lastly, your Junior should try this new pastime, if feasible.

Community Service

Hobbies can be involved in performing a service for other people.  Your Juniors should use their hobbies to do something nice for others.  If your Junior makes a craft as a hobby, she can give a piece of work to someone who is lonely, sick, or sad.  If she likes to read, then your Junior can read to senior citizens or someone who has trouble seeing.

Working Together

The majority of hobbies will have organization or clubs that are specifically designed for people who share the same hobby.  Your Girl Scout should research what organizations are available to people with the same interests as her.

Starting a New Hobby

The last activity that may be completed is for the girls to look into a new pastime.  There are many opportunities for new hobbies outlined in the “Junior Girl Scout Handbook.”  She should choose one them and then find out pertinent information to decide if this hobby would be a wise choice.


“”Doing” Hobbies.” Junior Girl Scouts Badgebook. New York: Girl Scouts of the USA, 2001.150-151. Print.