Junior Girl Scout Badge Activities Collecting Hobbies

Your Junior will learn many new things and will have lots of fun while earning new patches in Girl Scouts.  One of these patches is called the “Collecting Hobbies” Junior badge.  The girls must each complete at least six of the following ten activities in order to earn this badge.

Starting Out

Your Junior will begin her own collection in this activity.  Before starting this project, she should make sure that she thinks this hobby is fun, that she can afford this collection, that she has the room to store it, and also that it will not damage the environment in any way.


Part of the fun of having a collection is sharing it with others.  To complete this requirement, your Junior should set up a way to display her collection so that it is easy to show to others.


In this activity, your Junior will try to get in touch via email, phone, or even in person with others who have the same hobby to discuss her collection.  She should also find out what online resources, magazines, and organizations are out there for people with the same interests.  When online, your Junior should always adhere to the “Online Safety Pledge” that may be found on the Girls Only Web site.

Learning More

For this activity, your Junior will simply learn more about the items that she is collecting.

Hobby Fair

Your Juniors will have a lot of fun planning and participating in a hobby fair.  They should organize their hobby fair anywhere like a school or even a backyard where several girls can get together to display their collections to others.

Organizing and Labeling the Collection

For this activity, your Junior will organize her collection.  She should make sure to label each item with its name or classification, where it came from,  how much it cost, when she got it, and also something special about it.

Finding New Pieces

To complete this requirement, your Junior should go on a hunt for additions to her collection.  This could mean going to a beach for shells, scouring an antique store for treasures, or anything else relevant to her collection.

Service Project

Your Juniors may choose to complete a service project where they start a collection to help others.  This can mean collecting something like clothing or canned food to donate to an organization that helps those in need or any other helpful project.

International Collecting

For this activity, your Junior will think about how their collection would be affected if they were collecting their items in a different country.  For instance, how would a shell collection be different in another country?  Your Junior should try to add pieces to her collection that are from another country, if possible.

Passing Down a Collection

Some collections are passed down through the generations in families.  Your Junior should find out if there is a tradition of collecting in her family.  She should learn if any member of her family collects and, if so, what they collect, how long have they have had the collection, and if any collection was passed down to them.  Your Junior should either  try to add on to this family collection or just share with her family what she has learned about collecting.

Your Juniors will have a lot of fun learning about and starting their own collections while earning this badge.


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