Jelly Bracelets Sex Crossmeanings Public Schools Teenage Sex – No

I went to a public school when the jelly bracelets first came out. No doubt the meanings of each color bracelet was spread coming from places like California, New York, and my home state Texas. Even though I attended a public but not so small middle and high school, these bracelets meant nothing of the sort. I had heard about it on TV and my grandmother, with which I was living, had asked me, “Crystal. Do these bracelets you and your sisters wear have any kind of sexual meaning to them?” I laughed but I could tell she was as serious and two seconds away from blowing a head gasket. “No. Not in our school.” I promised her and then went to my room and thought about how stupid that was. Sex bracelets? When I went to school the following week, after this news bulletin went up on the major news channels, the principal had actually called an assembly. (Guess he saw it too.) He started off with the whole jelly bracelets being interpreted ashidden sex within the schools. He knew that he couldn’t stop everyone from wearing them but gave a warning to those who did. That if in any action which did concern sex, the person or persons caught doing so, would be immediately expelled from the school. Looking around the auditorium I noticed a lot of snickers and laughs but to everyone this was so ridiculous. Now, that I look back on the assembly meeting that day, I sort of laugh but then I do see what a serious matter it was. Even today, we have thirteen year old girls getting pregnant and all the sex that goes on off campus during school baffles me. Even though I am not a parent of a teenage girl or boy for that fact, I know that I would not even let my teenager begin dating until he or she was at least sixteen years of age granted a lot of parents are starting to go higher on that rule. In my experience, I do not believe that these jelly bracelets are considered sex bracelets to a lot of people. Even people who do participate in a lot of sexual activities. But do keep in mind that there are a lot of people who do wear these jelly bracelets of many colors meaning different things ranging from short chicken peck kisses to oral sex to straight up intercourse with whoever breaks one of them, just to do it. I have seen many interviews with teens across the states and both sides have an opinion. To my family and I they are just easy to wear, flashy and they are waterproof. So, in conclusion, I do not believe that these bracelets mean that everyone wants to have sex just because they may wear them but truly it all does depend on who you are talking to.