It is appropriate – Yes

It is appropriate for lesbian teenagers to have sleepovers. This debate is what’s wrong with society today. Not only is this discussion sexist and prejudice, but it proves that a high majority of individuals today, fail to open their minds to the indifference between the human race.

I have a teenage daughter who has friends who are lesbians, and they are respectable normal teenage girls and bringing forth a discussion such as this only proves the extent of difficulties that teens who are attracted to the same sex face every day.

Lesbianism is not contagious, but hate is, and we parents shouldn’t allow fear or the perception of others influence the way we raise our children. Our perception and views can impact our children, and what type of world would we be living in if everyone hated or passed judgment on others based solely on their differences? Regardless of your personal belief, the happiness and well-being of your child should be your main objective as a parent.

Denying a child an opportunity to have a friend just because they happen to be attracted to the same sex, is the same thing as denying them a friend of a different race. This is the twenty-first century and I like to think the world has come a long way, but stumbling across debates such as this, have me questioning that theory.

Every teenager, despite their sexual preference has the right to lead a healthy lifestyle, and singling them out will only add to the list of problems they already face. Sleepovers are a normal activity that every teenage girl should enjoy, despite their sexual preference.

The fear of judgment is something all of us live with, and the more people who open their minds to the world around them the happier our society and the society of tomorrow will be. Sleepovers are supervised by parents, so denying your teenager the chance to make some memories of what could potentially be a lifelong friend is just foolish.

If you are not comfortable, then trust your child. Put a little faith in your parenting skills, and trust that your child will make the right decision, whatever that decision may be. The thought of our children becoming something we fear, is hard to accept, but unconditional love will see us through any problems that may surface. Although, I do not see lesbianism as a problem. It is a personal choice, one many cannot help, so before you pass judgment or close your mind to an issue you are scared of, put that lack of faith you have in yourself into the child you have guided all of these years.