Is your Grandchilds Schedule too Busy to Fit you in

Remember the hours you used to spend with your grandchild? Together you’d read stories, play hide ‘n seek, put puzzles together, sing songs, take walks and play at the playground. Yesterdays are now treasured moments as your grandchild’s time with you lessens with each year. Instead, his time is consumed by school, athletics, friends, homework and family activities.

Oh, sure, you get to squeeze in some time in-between, but it is never the same as it used to be. There is no doubt, however, that the love remains as strong as ever. When your eyes meet, there’s a special connection that can’t be broken. It’s a bond that unites and silently communicates messages. Let’s check out some other ways in which you can remain connected.

E-mails and e-cards are the modern way to connect as often as you wish. Computers are the way kids connect to the world, and with you too. Express your feelings and send your praises to let your grandchild know that you are thinking of him. Though he may not tell you, he will look forward to your messages. What kid doesn’t need encouragement and praise.

Invite your grandchild out for a few hours to do something he enjoys. Whether that is going swimming, go-carting, golfing, fishing, playing catch or viewing the latest action movie, he’ll be there. Make sure it’s something he enjoys, though it may not be of great interest to you.

By keeping in mind that it is time with your grandchild that is of utmost importance, you won’t mind sitting through a movie you don’t understand or racing in a go-cart. The fun is watching the joy and hearing the excitement in the voice of your grandchild.

Kids get to the point when they don’t want to do things without their best friend, so invite the friend to come along too. But don’t be too disappointed if they spend more time chatting and giggling than they spend talking with you. Once again, what is important is your time together.

Keep your ears tuned-in on conversations. Perhaps your grandchild mentions a place he’d love to visit. Offer to take him to that place. It’s an opportunity to plan the trip together. What are his expectations? What are yours? Work on an itinerary that includes places of interest you will both enjoy.

Telephone or web-cam your grandchild every so often. Once every two to four weeks may be good. As kids get older they often talk less with adults and more with friends. Don’t be offended if your grandchild gives one word responses and doesn’t ask about your life.

They tend to become very self-centered during teen years. Simply make a brief statement about what you’ve been up to, after you’ve asked about his happenings, express your love and desire to see him soon. Either telephone or webcam affords the opportunity to hear each others voices. The voice tie is important and it is remembered.

However, webcam is as close to being next to each other as possible, especially when miles separate you. Besides, your grandchild will be amazed that you’re keeping up with modern technology, which will encourage even more conversation.

You may need to be creative and squeeze inbetween events, but there is always room for grandparents to maintain ties with their grandchild. Sometimes this could mean that you attend a sports event, a play, an award ceremony or school open house and simply be present. Your caring enough to be there will satisfy your need for the moment and your grandchild will store it in his memory bank. Happy Grandparenting.