Is yelling an effective discipline method?

Does yelling reinforce discipline? You’re just wasting your time and voice. When you yell, you lose control. And when you lose control, you’re yelling at the child for other reasons than just the wrong he or she has done. Yelling does very little to teach your child respect and other discipline. All you’re doing is distracting the child. All he or she can see and hear is that you’re angry and your loud voice. But angry for what? You can’t yell at a child. You have to talk to a child. They are human. You need to teach them, talk to them about what they did wrong.

Yes, when you’re yelling it does show that you are angry. But that’s about it. Have you ever stopped to think why you’re yelling? Are you yelling just because your child put his or her shoes on the sofa? Are you yelling just because your child made a huge mess? Are you yelling just because your child just doesn’t listen? Well, yelling won’t get you anywhere with your child. You have to talk to them. Show them what is right.

Talking and taking action is a better way to reinforce discipline. For example, when your child doesn’t listen. He or she is running around throwing a temper tantrum, just take them to a time-out for a couple minutes. There they can cry and throw a fit all they want in that little space, or chair. Then after a couple of minutes, when your child has calmed down, talk to him or her. Tell them it’s not right to throw a fit. Tell them they can’t have everything they want. And it’s very disrespectful when they act like that.

When parents yell, sometimes they yell for a whole different reason and they take it out on their children. Yes, it does happen. There’s no denying it. For example, you had a long and tough day. Nothing went the way you planned. You’re stressed out and all you want is some time for yourself. Then when you come home, your child does something you don’t approve of. Your tension builds up and finally you pop. You yell at your child for the wrong he did. You keep yelling. Your child is just looking at you and becoming afraid. All you’re doing is taking out your stress and anger on your child and scaring the daylights out of him. That is not healthy. If you do that, your child will eventually think he’s always the cause of your anger, your yelling.

Finally, parents don’t yell at your child all day and everyday. As your child grows, he or she will eventually learn how to tune you out. When you yell, they will think that oh mom and dad is angry again. They’ll just turn up the t.v. or radio or they’ll just go into a room that you’re not in. And sometimes they’ll just leave the house to go to a friends house. Eventually your relationship with your child will disappear. Now how will that feel? You’ll get angry even more and you’ll yell even more. Yelling does nothing!

Yelling will not reinforce discipline. Stop yelling and start talking. Talk to your child. Be patient. Patience is a virtue and that’s a fact.