Is Knowing Potential Problems in Pregnancy more Helpful or Harmful for the – Helpful

Ignorance is not bliss. I am the very proud mother of four healthy happy children. When I became pregnant with my first child I was almost nineteen. I lived a lifestyle that would make any parent cringe if I was their daughter. I worked, I went to school, I did volunteer work however I still found time to do some modeling, some traveling, oh and the cringe part I could party for days on end. I did not require alot of sleep to live my life, I`m sure some of the party substances helped with that though. Anyway, I ended up with a vaginal cyst and was in a great deal of discomfort. It turned out that I needed it removed immediately. Of course, this required pre-op blood testing which revealed my pregnancy. Blam! Complete and instant lifestyle change. The partying and accompanied substances were gone. Let me tell you, still having teenage hormones, going through d.t.`s and pregnancy hormones is not a pretty picture. It turned out I was only about 10 days along in my pregnancy, thank God, and my son was born healthy. My way to work through this huge life changing experience was to educate myself. I read every prenatal, post natal and child rearing book I could get my hands on. I talked to other mothers, including my own. I asked doctors millions of questions. I took classes and seminars. I then learnt when when son was about three weeks old to trust myself and my judgment. I began to look at all circumstances knowing I was educated to make decisions. My second son was a pregnancy bliss. I never felt healthier. He was born and screamed 23 hours a day. Again, I educated myself and trusted myself. Phew, we made it threw those days, too. My third pregnancy came about just as I was being treated for the early stages of cervical cancer. For several weeks I was not sure if I was going to be able to follow through with the pregnancy. Would my baby be born healthy if I could go to full term. Again the education began. He is now a healthy happy and spirited nine year old boy that I am sure was brought to me to keep me young because since his conception he has kept me on my toes. Life took some tragic turns. The marriage to the father of the three children ended. More education to help myself and my children deal with this life altering experiences. Then more female complications were arising. Again, I went to the doctor, had a scope done. The results revealed I had massive scar tissue build up and I would require surgery if I ever desired more children. More education. Life carried on. I began in a new committed relationship. Brought this man up to speed on on fertility status. We were still fairly new so decided to table the issue and believed if something was meant to be it would be. Not twelve months later my healthy baby girl was born. My point on this topic is ignorance is not bliss. I have over twelve years of fairly eventful life experience and the one thing I have definitely learnt is this. Learn the facts. Be aware of your circumstances. If you are educated you can trust that you will make the best choices for you. The old expression goes `Don`t take a knife to a gun fight.` The same rings true for potential problems in pregnancy. The fear of the unknown is always more scary and difficult than the known. Not knowing could potentially be lethal.