Is Knowing Potential Problems in Pregnancy more Helpful or Harmful for the – Helpful

Like most most topics, an individual cannot be well conversed unless they are well informed. Pregnancy is no exception to the rule. In today’s world knowledge is power, therefore, the more a female can learn about her pregnancies and all the ups and downs of the next 9 1/2 months, the more she is able to aid in her and her baby’s care.

For example, when the obstetrician informed my husband and me that we were going to be the proud parents of twins, I went to the library and researched everything I could about multiples in pregnancy. I read medical books, articles, and even funny stories about the experiences of having twins. By doing research, I found a magazine that was geared towards multiples. Plus, I discovered that there are three types of twins. Identical (which was my situation) fraternal, and 1/2 identical. Not many people know about 1/2 identical. This occurs when the egg splits before it is conceived by two sperms. It is very rare and usually not tested. The only way to know for sure is to do a DNA test, which would indicate 1/2 the chromosomes to be alike.

I must also point out that the problems that can occur with a multiple pregnancy did frighten me, however, I fully felt comfortable in knowing that I would be prepared. With identical twins, a problem known as, “twin to twin transfusion” can occur. In this type of situation, the one fetus feeds off the other by stealing its nutrition. This is a serious medical condition that is dangerous for both babies. One will gain to much and the other will waste away.

Having information on the types of medication used in preterm labor helped me to hold onto my sons until the 35th week. I went into preterm labor at week 28. After a hospital stay, I was put on complete bed rest and given a drug called, “Nifedipine.” Unfortunately, my body had an allergic reaction. I ended up in the hospital once again. The doctor was going to try a procedure called, “Magnesium sulfate” that was harmful to my body. I had already under gone this procedure twice and I knew I could not physically handle a third time. I had read about another drug called, “Terbutaline” and requested they administer that into my system. Thankfully, the new drug worked and my pregnancy was maintained for another 3 weeks, giving my sons the much needed time to develop their lungs.

I am proud to say that my twin sons turned 10 this past year and I have had two more sons since. I truly believe that God gives us incredible brain power for a reason. Use all your resources to stay informed about your pregnancy. Yes, there are potential problems that can and sometimes do occur, but trust in God to handle the outcome. Have confidence that even if something does go wrong with you or your baby, you are mentally prepared. God will give you the strength to handle any situation if you lean on HIM.