Is it Safe to take Antidepressants through Pregnancy – Yes

The benefits outweigh the risks.

I have been taking Prozac for about 6 years. When I got pregnant with my first child I decided that I did not want to take anything during my pregnancy. During the whole nine months I was extremely rude to everyone around me. I picked my mother in law to yell at the most. I wouldn’t let her come over to my home, buy things for the baby or anything. These characteristics are not normally the way that I am. After I had my son, I told the nurses and the doctor at the hospital that I needed to get back onto my Prozac. They would not let me. I was so much unlike myself that I wrote a very hurtful letter to my mother in law while at the hospital and I gave it to her. I wouldn’t visit with her when she came to the hospital and I was very angry all the time. I ended up calling my family doctor and she spoke with the hospital and I got back on my medication.

When I got pregnant with my second son I spoke with my doctor and she told me that the benefits of the Prozac outweigh the risks. I took 10 mg of Prozac everyday while I was pregnant with my second son. I really got to enjoy my second pregnancy! I wasn’t angry and mean all of the time. I was friendly, upbeat and polite. (My normal self.) My son was born healthy and well. He isn’t any different from my first son.

I was very worried about taking the Prozac but, I knew that I wasn’t normal during my first pregnancy without it. I can’t take back the bad memories from my first pregnancy and I can apologize but, I can’t make my mother in law forget.

I think that anyone that has been on any form of antidepressants before pregnancy should talk it over with their doctor and their OBGYN before they decide if they want to continue taking it. It is a personal decision made with the help of your doctors.