Is it possible to have too many Children

Is it possible to have too many children?

Yes, it is possible to have too many children. Many times in my life, I’ve seen parents (who were actually poor) having one child after another and they could not properly take care of the children they had. They may get by from going to churches food panteries and free clothing hand outs. The free local county school lunches and books but this is and will always be humiliating to those type children. Now, I’m definitely not inferring this is wrong by any means when a family is in need, but why do parents keep having children when they are struggling to support and raise the ones they already have?

This is not fair to the children because they are not getting the proper nourishment they need; the needed attention from their parents; a snuggle close to a parent at night when they are weary; the proper one on one school tutoring or child communications a child needs; a child left to manage getting dressed on their own or trying to bath alone or in other words, “rearing themselves”; let’s say, “So many things fit into this category a child needs in their life that they do not get when they are a member of a large family. The children in the middle group of children suffer the most because a mother’s love and attentions to her first born’s comes naturally, but when they get strapped down with other babies, they cannot give that special attention to the middle group. The last baby gets all the attention the others didn’t get because they’re the baby.

I’m one of those children who didn’t get the attention needed as a child. There were seven of us children and all were only two years a part, and believe me, the older children suffer because parents are so busy taking care of the younger children, doing housework chores, and other meaningful things that those who can kind of make it on their own does so. Is this fair to a child? It’s hard to struggle with adverse problems when you are alone and a child. A child needs guidance, affection, and a one on one relationship with their parents and when their is a large number of children in the household, children do suffer. These mistakes cannot be made up later in years because that deep seeded feeling of not being able to truly bond with your parents lingers in the mind forever.

Don’t take what I’m saying wrong, it is just the way it is in any large family. Our parents were great people and they loved us dearly and provided for us but we were “neglected” in ways that we needed to be nourished. The children who suffered due to these type matters are real survivors because they are use to making it through any condition or trail because they have had to take the initative to accomplish their feats.