Is it possible to Give Birth to a Baby without Knowing about the Pregnancy – No

It’s quite impossible to deliver a baby without knowing about the pregnancy. Bodily changes do not go unnoticed. You cannot ignore weight gain, fatigue, excessive sleepiness, swelling, elevated blood pressure and sugar levels, and not to mention the baby moving around and kicking. Personally, I’ve had three pregnancy experiences. From all three, I’ve encountered frequent sleepless nights due to discomfort that was far from easily being ignored. I cried out in the middle of many nights from pure frustration. My belly was heavy and stretched out. The stretching of the stomach alone in the final months was unbearable. From personal experiences and from knowing many women that have had children, I bring you the facts about pregnancy. The female body is delicate and complex. Child bearing is very hard and takes a toll on the body. My first pregnancy was when I was 20 yeras old and my last when I was 35 years of age. I won’t argue that the younger you are the easier! Certainly, I was tiny and slim. I felt less pain overall. It was easier the first time. I still had heaviness, discomfort, tiredness, fatigue, and swelling. Those things just don’t change. All three of my babies were of different weights, ranging from 5 pounds to almost 10. The worst pregnancy was the tiny 5 pounder! I don’t know anyone that did not know they were not pregnant. In the early stages, up to 3 and even 4 months, yes, it is very possible to not know. After this time, incredible changes occur. Menstruation is impossible and does not happen. If there is spotting, that is an indicator of labor. The only stories that I’ve ever heard of are of young girls that hide their pregnancies and claim they did not know. I’ve also heard a story of a very heavy woman that did not know, still hard to believe. These are just stories. Very strong evidence and common sense points to the fact that women were hiding the truth. It’s physically impossible. Some women feel labor pain and some don’t. That is a different story. Some women have pleasant pregnancies, while others do not. Also, another issue. The female body goes through incredible transitions that just don’t go ignored, regardless of your pregnancy stamina or size.