Is it better for Children to be Raised by Stay at Home Parents – Yes

I have worked as a nursery nurse for twelve years in a variety of daycare centres and whilst I can agree with some of the no responses I am afraid that overall I believe that children are better raised at home.

As I have first hand experiences of working in private nurseries, I have the dread that when I myself have children that financial commitments would mean that my children may have to spend time in a daycare centre but I can guarantee that if this is the case it would only be for a couple of days.

Children do need experience of socializing with children I agree with that but that is not what these daycare centres are being used for. Many parents I have known drop them off at 7.30/8.00am and don’t pick them up until 6.00pm. How can this be good for the children? They spend no time with the parents. Even now in schools we are offering breakfast clubs and after school clubs for parents who work.

What real effect is this having on the children? I have seen very disturbed children, children who are disruptive, have behaviour problems, who are angry and frustrated, children who just seek the attention of their parents. I am not saying this in all cases but a majority are.

I can understand how hard it is for parents if they need to work but I don’t think there is any substitute for the love and attention of a parent. If you are upset or feel ill who do you want your parent.

For making strong relationships they need to have made early bonds with consistent carers – no matter what you say about daycare (and believe me I have seen a lot of bad ones) it cannot be a substitute for this early care. Staff can have lots of children and their time can not be given solely to that one child.

The confidence of a child is not just solely down to it going to a daycare – if handled correctly parents can help their children to become more confident – I went to a playgroup for a couple of mornings which meant I got the socialization and I came away from my parents. Other hobbies and groups – mother and toddler etc are another step.

More and more parents are using daycare on a more full time basis – part time sessions are getting less and less. Day care centres are opening earlier and closing later. Children are spending less and less time with their parents. Daycare staff are taking on more and more responsibility for the children. Parents are taking less. You can agree or disagree with this but I can say first hand that I have seen it.

To me this is not good for the next generation. Childrens’ emotional development will be affected.