Is it asking too much to Expect a thank you from a 8 10 Year old Grandchild

No, it isn’t asking too much to expect a thank you from a 8 to 10 year old grandchild. In fact, a 8 to 10 year old grandchild to know to say thank you.  They should do it automatically without being told to do so by their parents.

However, the problem is that many children are not respect as they should. They are also not taught manners as children once were. One reason is that they are not taught this practice is because their parents do not practice good manners themselves.

It was not long ago, that when one was given a gift it was customary not only to give a verbal thank you acknowledging this gift but to also give a written thank note as well. Now a day, people do not take this extra step very often. The only time you may ever see a written thank you is after attending a wedding shower or baby shower.

Many children do not even know what a thank you note is. However, this is a trend that parents can easily fix.

First, parents should begin sending thank you notes themselves whenever they receive a gift. As the old saying goes, children will copy the actions of parents. Next parents need to begin teaching their children the art of saying thank you via words and via notes.

They can begin doing this by explaining to their children that they need to say thank you every time they receive a gift from grandpa or grandma. Yes, their grandparents love them. This is a given fact all grandchildren knows. However, parents need to explain to them that they need to know that they are happy and that they appreciate all the gifts that they receive from them. First, they can do this by saying thank you. 

Next, parents need to explain that these thank you statements should always be said, even if they aren’t always fond of the gift. A few days, later they need to sit down and write a small note repeating the statement thanking their grandparents for the gift. By the age of 8 and 10, children need to be practicing their writing skills and this is a perfect way to do this. By this age, they should possess enough skills to write a small note.  Parents can tell the children how happy these notes will make their grandparents.

It isn’t hard to instill respect and thoughtfulness into children. It also isn’t hard to teach 8 and 10 year olds how to say thank to their grandparents and to anyone else who may give them a gift.