Is it asking too much to Expect a thank you from a 8 10 Year old Grandchild

By the time a child has reached the age of 8 years of age he or she should have learned the art of being grateful. Unless a child is mentally incapable of understanding certain concepts a child between the ages of 8-10 should be capable of expressing these feelings.

Around the age of 8 or thereabouts children become conscious of modesty, ownership, friendship and other forms of communication why not gratefulness? A lot depends on how parents raise their children. From the time a child is a baby he or she imitates habits and characteristics from parents. For the most part the child is not making a conscious effort to do or not do. I can recall early in our parenting years when we noticed our firstborn was constantly saying “no” to us. As we pondered the situation and discussed it we realized that we were continually telling him “no” therefore he was imitating our behavior. Here we were thinking he was being contrary, but a large part of his behavior was a reflection of our own parenting skills. So from that moment on we determined to change our technique of communication with him or any succeeding children we would have. This was one of the most important decisions that we made for all of our sakes.

If a parent behaves respectfully towards their parents and encourages the same behavior from their children most likely a child will respond in kind. Some parents are permissive and do not believe in encouraging positive behavior, therefore a child will never learn these attributes unless that child is sensitive and observant.

Even if parents are not encouraging these positive behaviors grandparents can gently suggest that a child say thank you. After all children are always learning from others. It is not wise to be pushy. Nevertheless, grandparents have been known to be of great influence on their grandchildren. We live in an age where many parents encourage a leave be attitude with children and do not take charge in instilling values and virtues in the upcoming generation. Quite often children are parenting themselves.

As we moan and groan about the degradation of our youth and society as a whole we should take into consideration simple acts that help us to function better in society. One of these is simple courtesy and gratefulness for what is given. We must make a conscious effort to instill these ways in our youth from the beginning so that it will be second nature to them. In return the simple act of thanking a grandparent will be automatic and heartfelt.