Is it Approproite for Teenage Lesbians to have Sleepovers – No

The reason it is not appropriate for lesbian teenagers to have sleepovers is not all that complicated. If a teenager knows for a fact that she is a lesbian it would not be appropriate for her to have a sleepover with other teenage girls . It is not appropriate for heterosexual girls to have sleepovers with teenage boys. The double standard should not be acceptable just because the girls involved happen to be lesbians. Their attraction to the teenage girls would be just as strong as a heterosexual girls would be to boys.

Judging people’s sexuality is not my job. I do not know what they feel nor they me. That being said, however I do believe that a person should be treated appropriately according to what they say their sexual feelings are. If your natural attraction is to girls then whether you are male or female your hormone packed body should not be having sleepovers with persons that would likely pose a temptation to you. Of course this does pose a unique problem that other girls would not have. Most parents would not consider it appropriate for any teenage girl, lesbian or otherwise to have a sleepover with teenage boys. Unfortunately this would also eliminate sleepovers of any kind for lesbians. Until society has broader minds than it does now this dilemma will probably not be solved anytime soon..

There is a lot of sympathy in me for any gay person, but especially teenagers. Just going through the normal teenage stuff is hard enough. To imagine adding the difficulty that goes along with not always understanding or knowing your own sexual identity to this already tumultuous time in a young person’s life. That reason alone is enough to make me question why anyone would choose to be homosexual if it was not their true nature. It just would not be a logical “choice”. Live is hard enough without adding more stress to it on purpose.

Sleepovers will have to be just one of the things that most lesbian teenagers will have to forgo at this point in our society’s development. Maybe in the future we will have a more enlightened mindset. Just in case you are wondering, I am a Christian and not all of us are narrow minded. Jesus was one of the most liberal humans that ever lived and I certainly am not better than he. Judgement is God’s job, not mine.