Is it appropriate for Lesbian Teenagers to have Sleepovers – Yes

Is it appropriate for lesbian teenagers to have sleep overs ?

To think that it is now 2010 in the year of our lord and still this question is being asked . Have people not learned anything over the decades that the dark ages have gone but not forgotten and hanging women that deal with herbal medicines are not witches and are not to be hanged by the neck until they are dead, or in fact keeled under water until either drowned or survived either way they would still be deemed a witches.

Of course lesbian teenagers should have sleep over. After all whether you are lesbian, gay, straight, married, single, each group has a natural right to live life as part of the community. The word “normal” was not used as, who’s picture of normal is a true description or likeness of what “normal” is ? yours ? mines? the neighbour down the road?. Each to their own and as the old saying goes live and let live. It’s a “natural” feeling for lesbians to live their lives by, not what others or society puts upon them and influence their quality of life. So back to the question in hand again.

Is it appropriate for a lesbian teenager to have sleep overs.? The answer to that question is “YES”.

As for when sleepovers happen people are 100% sure of whom they are going to be spending the night with at a sleepover, if they are close enough to have sleepovers then they are close enough to already know if the girl that is hosting the sleepover is a lesbian or not, and it would be up to those individuals to decide weather they would want to sleep over or not, as we are not talking about young children who do not understand what is going on or in fact what a “lesbian” is, we are talking about teenagers or as they like to be called now “young adults” After all they are only human, dare I say it ,just like you and me just their sexual preference is different to ours.

Lesbians do not fancy all female they have to be attracted to them just like heterosexual couples are attracted to a partner a mutual attraction. So in a world where lesbians already feel on the outside why make them feel even more alienated than they already do.