Is it appropriate for Gay Couples to Adopt Children – No

ABSOLUTELY NOT! It is NOT appropriate for same-sex couples to adopt children, period! Why? Because, children should have a NORMAL, gay (HAPPY) life! How can a child have a NORMAL, gay (HAPPY) life living with a same-sex couple?

He/she cannot! It’s impossible!

Oh, you don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you; that children living in an exceptional (same sex) environment face many stressful and difficult challenges in their lives. I hear about them and see them everyday! These unnecessary stresses and challenges are not welcome and pleasing to children, instead; they are thrust upon them by same-sex couples and morally corrupt governments, whose reality is but a dream. The reality is that these innocent children are left feeling resentful, unhappy, wronged, and end up leading an abnormal life. The inappropriate decisions and tolerances of few must end to sustain earth’s population, and GOD’s people.

Furthermore, this type of mal-family structure causes confusion and identity crisis in the child’s mine, simply because it does NOT look and feel NORMAL to him/her. Also, this type of abnormal makeup forces the child to question his/her very own state of being; as to how this came to be. In doing so, the child waste many sleepless nights and precious time searching for normalcy; that which will never be.

There are other unnecessary challenges and stresses too, like outsiders, peers, friends, and even family members chastising and rebuking the child for inappropriate behaviors of the same-sex couple; which is shameful and painful for the child. Know that the flesh is weak and the skin is thin, and so do not think for one minute that you can explain this inappropriate behavior away. It is wrong! It is wrong! It is wrong!

It really baffles my mine as to why a so-called happy same-sex couple would seek out an already displaced and unhappy child to adopt; when they will only continue to promote and prolong a displaced and unhappy feeling in the child. Why set up the child to experience physical, mental, psychological, social, MIS-GENDER-RELATED, and SPIRITUAL failure? We do not need any more societal failures as a result of familial failures! We must do what is pleasing to God and not what is pleasing to man.

God says, “Hear from heaven and act. Condemn the guilty and bring down on their heads what they have done. Declare the innocent not guilty, and so establish his innocence” (1 Kings 8:32). Therefore, I declare the rights of the innocent child to be protected from the iniquities of man and government today! Stop the dreaming and get back to reality, for in so doing, a NORMAL, gay (HAPPY), STRESS-FREE, LOVING, SAFE home will be restored and children will once again find solace in their hearts. Give them a peace of mind! Stop robbing them of normalcy!

By the way, why would anyone bring unnecessary stress on a child or him/herself for that matter?

Stop the foolishness!

First of all, adoption was designed to place a displaced, unhappy child with a NATURAL family (a husband and a wife, or a man AND a woman) who can provide a NORMAL, gay (HAPPY), STRESS-FREE, LOVING, SAFE home, one different from what the child already knows. Why should that design be changed today? This fact alone should disqualify a same-sex couple from the adoption process, because mentally, psychologically, socially, and spiritually, the child will suffer due to self-ridicule and external ridicule.

This type of mal-family structure as I have stated before is wrong for the child and everyone else around the child. Also, it is wrong in the eyes of the Lord. Yes, back in biblical times there were same-sex relations, but God did not favor them and smite them; He destroyed them (unnatural and imperfection behaviors), their families, their land, and their belongings to rid the world of them (unnatural structures and designs). For God’s work or design are always natural and perfect, but man’s is not!

Clearly, same-sex relations are man’s design to please not God, but him/herself. Remember, God made Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, to produce offspring that will flourish the earth for eternity. How must His will be done, if we allow and accept inappropriate decisions and behaviors, like same-sex couples adopting our innocent children, who are already displaced and are unhappy with life. I repeat this is wrong. It must cease to exist for the betterment of mankind.

I know these children deserve a home; a good, NORMAL, respectful, loving, safe, gay (HAPPY) home; not a mal, abnormal, shameful, unkind, unsafe, joyless home.
For this type of unnatural, imperfect family structure will only bring ridicule upon the child to destroy, conquer, and kill him/her.

My prayer today is for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Also, that He may cast a shadow over those doubters’ and nonbelievers’ mine right now. That His son, Jesus the Christ, will return to this earth and cast away all the evil from this land for eternity sake, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.