Is Internet Sperm Donating the Wave of the Future

With huge costs in dealing with the sperm banks, and scandals associated with some of them, such as less than scrupulous sperm dealers, Internet donating is certainly becoming a wave of the future.  With the explosive growth in the Internet-almost everybody is on it-and accessing information as easily as punching in a few strokes of a keyboard.  Through the vast hinterland of cyberspaces comes a plethora and literal multitude of sites dedicated to free sperm donating.  These groups are growing in popularity, and many are being used as referral, or even on the much vaunted Craigslist.  Such groups are usually run by ex-clinic, or otherwise sperm donors, and offer free membership and usage of the group’s donor lists for sperm donating.

Although the groups are generally free, some costs may have to be carried by the woman seeking pregnancy, such as biological shippers, fuel and other transportation costs, accommodations, food and medical testing for STDs and STIs.  However, the costs end up being a fraction of what the recipient would pay for sperm at the sperm bank, and to be inseminated through the fertility clinic.  Costs like that can run as high as ten thousand dollars or more, and not always lead to pregnancy.  These free groups on the web only charge a fraction of such costs and have such a high track record of success that they pose a real threat to the present and future existence of sperm banks.

As a donor and moderator of several of these groups, I have personally witnessed and experienced results that would make the sperm bank owners crimson with anger.  Although far from being perfect, with some problems of their own, they offer a reputable and relatively safe process for recipients seeking an alternative from paying astronomical costs to sperm banks that are increasingly finding themselves in disrepute.  With the moderators and group owners of these groups not making one cent off anything associated with the group, these groups present a golden opportunity for woman to become pregnant.  Additionally, with a growing list of donors joining, the interested recipient has a huge resource to draw upon to help her out.

Plus, such groups cater to all women, irregardless of race, color, creed, and sexual orientation.  Recipients can post ads of their own, seeking any type of donor they wish (or respond to ads placed by donors).  This is amazingly convenient for those seeking to have a child by a donor.  These groups are here to stay…and are a definite wave of the future!