Is going to the movies alright

Television and movies are very dangerous, but are they more dangerous than any other activity such as eating food and drinking water? The question “Should parents take children to violent movies?” has been asked and debated many times, and seems to have a few basic answers. Before that question is addressed first another question should be brought up: Should people go to the movies at all? The answer may be a complicated one for some and a simple one for others. Movies don’t seem like a place anyone should be, but that may not be a fact.

The first answer to the question is that each person is allowed to do what they want in life. Does anyone have the right to have a say in what the child does anyway? That is of course assuming that what one person does isn’t going to affect another person’s life without their consent. An example is two people who each have a gun fighting with each other. They’re free to do what they want, it’s a basic human right. But what if one of the people tries to shoot the other and in the process misses. The stray bullet flies until it hits a bystander. The situation is quite simple so far. The bystander is no longer innocent or he wouldn’t have been hit by the bullet. This is where the situation may get complicated. The bystander doesn’t feel the same way and wants revenge, so he goes out and buys parts to make a bomb. He sets it off in a public place where people are injured and killed. And the chain may or may not continue. But it really doesn’t matter anyway, because there’s nothing as a nonviolent person that you could do about the situation. If you try to intervene you’re becoming just like them.

The right answer to the main question of this article is don’t worry about if people should take their children to movies unless you plan on getting right in the middle of their fight and being exactly like them; which is at war. If a child wants to go to a violent movie with their parents they may be better off left alone to make their own choices. If the child doesn’t want to go see a violent movie with their parents then they better start looking for a better family or refuse to go to the movies. And if a parent doesn’t want to take their children to see a violent movie they should desire the child finds another place to live. If a child doesn’t want to live a certain way they shouldn’t have any trouble finding a different situation. There are adoption agencies that could solve the problem, or some children simply choose to live with someone else. The final answer is, instead trying to answer the question “Should parents take children to violent movies”, dream about having a life free of other people’s problems. So you don’t end up right in the middle of a war with them.