Infant Skin Care in Winter

Taking care of an infants skin is essential for keeping it healthy. We will discuss proper skin care for dry skin on your infants arms, legs and face.

Pediatricians typically diagnose infants with eczema and other skin disorders during the winter season. To ensure your infants skin is healthy during the winter, here is a list of tips for you to apply to your baby’s daily skin care needs.

Tip #1

This is the most important tip by far! The answer, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Dry skin is very uncomfortable and itchy. When baby scratches, it leaves him/her prone to infections and diseases because of open wounds caused by scratching.

Here are two items you can use to nourish your infants soft skin during the winter season.

1. Eucerin Original Dry Skin- This cream is wonderful! Eucerin cream protects the skin from itching and cracking.

2. Burt’s Bees Vitamin E Body Oil- This oil is another excellent protectant against itchy dry skin.

Both of the cream and oil should be applied two or three times a day. Once a day is not enough to keep your infants skin healthy and moisturized. Once a day moistens the skin only temporarily. Always moisturize your infant after bath time and dress him/her in loose fitting clothes. The fitted pajamas will only irritate the dry skin.

In rare cases I would recommend 1% Hydro-cortisone. This is one cream that I can say works, but there are questionable health concerns that will need to be researched by individual parents. Pediatricians will prescribe higher doses, but they should warn you about the risks when taking this medication. The 1% Hydro-cortisone can be purchased over the counter.

Tip #2

Be sure to keep your infant from getting dehydrated. Water should be offered to your infant several times a day. If your infant refuses to drink water, try diluting his/her juice. An infant who drinks water or diluted juice has softer skin than an infant who is dehydrated.

Tip #3

Limit your infants bath time to no longer than ten minutes during the winter months. The longer your baby soaks in the water the dryer your infants skin becomes. Also make sure your infants bath water is lukewarm because the water temperature affects your baby’s sensitive skin.

Winter months can be extremely tough on your infants skin. However, with  proper care and nourishment your baby’s skin can be as soft as your baby’s bum!