Infant Acne Baby Acne Treatment Baby Acne

Baby acne is very stressful for new mothers. The baby’s skin is covered with small pimple and blemishes.  The most common area is on the face especially on the chin and cheeks. A natural reaction is put some type of ointment on the rash. However, this is not the best recommended method.

Baby acne presents in different shapes and places during their first year of life. We have to decipher what kind of rash it is before we can treat it. Most common is baby acne that shows up as small pimples on baby’s face, chin, and nose. Researchers have different opinions for the cause of baby acne. One thought is the baby was exposed to maternal hormones from the placenta during birth. The development of the baby’s oil glands is also seen as a cause for the acne. No medical treatment is required because this type of acne disappears within a couple of weeks. Keep the area clean and dry is recommended.

Milia is type of baby acne that looks different. This type of acne shows up in white bumps. Milia presents on a baby’s body, arms and legs. Babies that live in warm temperature usually have this type of baby acne. Main cause is the heat and baby being irritated from oil from sweat glands. Milia is also temporary and will leave quickly. The main treatment is keep baby cool. Do not over dress the baby.

In rare cases, babies can develop severe baby acne. The baby should be seen by a pediatrician for treatment. Certain medications can be prescribed that can help clear up the acne. Over the counter medication without a doctor’s consult is not recommended, it could further irritate the baby.

Newborns and infants are getting used to their new surroundings. Certain things we take for granted can be irritating to a baby’s skin. Baby acne is a temporary condition. Home remedies will usually work best. Plain water or water and vinegar mix can be used to clean the affected areas. Keep the affected areas dry. Try to keep baby away from perfumes, smoke, chemicals, and other environmental issues that can be seen as an irritant. People love to kiss babies that is natural. However, this can be an irritant to a baby with acne. Wash clothes, body, and hair with dye free products. No ointments, oils, or other over the counter products should be applied to affected areas. The acne will disappear shortly, so just try to keep baby comfortable. Remember when it comes to a baby’s skin “less is more.”