Indoor Summer Activities for Children

When most people thing of summer, they think of hot days and outdoors fun. However, there are some fun and exciting things that your children can do inside.

Board games

Board games are a classic way to have indoor fun. So, find your children’s favorite game and start playing. Your children can even challenge each other to a board game tournament to see who can win the most games. But, if your children don’t want to play board games, they can opt to play games video games or other games on their Wii.

Book club meetings

Reading doesn’t have to be boring. Whether it is a rainy day or just one of those days when you want to stay inside, reading is a fun summer activity. Spice it up by starting a book club. Start by taking your children to the library to find a book. Encourage them to choose a book at their reading level. Once they choose their book, they can pick a day to discuss their book with you or with their friends at a book club meeting. Your children’s friends should also bring along a book that they want to discuss.

Lemonade party

Summer days are hot. So, cool down with some nice, cool lemonade. Host a lemonade party with your children. You can make your lemonade party formal or informal. Invite some of your children’s friends over, set the table, and serve them lemonade and teas cake or finger sandwiches and cookies.


Take the time to teach your children about cooking this summer. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore.  Just get your kids together and plan a meal together. You can pull out the family cookbook or cook a meal from scratch. Cooking with your children is a great activity, and it will help to strengthen family bonds.


Scrapbooks are also fun indoor activities for summer. They are also a wonderful way to save all those summer memories. So, have them gather their summer photos and start combining them into a large scrapbook.

Movie mania

Have a movie marathon at your home. Gather copies of your children’s favorite movies, a bag of popcorn, and get ready for some great indoor summer fun. 

Puzzle challenge

Challenge your children to a puzzle completing contest. The contest can include crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, or Sudoku. Puzzles are both fun and challenging. And, they are a great way to keep your children learning over the summer. 

 Art gallery

Take your children to an art gallery this summer. They offer a wide variety of pictures from historical to modern.

Writing activities

Writing can be a fun indoor summer activity. Your children can keep up their writing skills during the summer by writing in a journal. Journaling will allow them to save their summer memories forever. If journaling seems too much like school work, older children can opt to do some blogging this summer. Blogging will allow them share their thoughts. And, it gives them a place to post their poems and other literary works. Just be sure to carefully monitor their posts.

Staying inside this summer does not have to be boring. Your children can have fun indoors. They can create a blog or challenge their minds with board games or puzzles. They can also host book club meetings or host a lemonade party.