Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Children

With winter upon us, there will be days when it’s raining too hard or the snow doesn’t let up, and because of this you’ll be confined to your home. Since children love to play outside, staying indoors isn’t always fun for them. But you can plan indoor activities that will help pass the time and will keep the children from being bored.

1. Board Games: In the world of electronics, board games have been replaced by the Game Cube, X-Box, Wii, and personal computers. Although they are entertaining, they don’t foster quality family time. However, board games bring everyone together. For the little ones, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, and Memory games are wonderful. For the older children, Monopoly, Clue, Life, and Pictionary are great choices. They’ll not only have fun playing these games, the entire family can connect.

2. Baking: Baking a cake or making cookies are not only yummy treats, but this can also make children enjoy their day spent indoors. Grocery stores sell pre-made cookie dough that you can put on a baking sheet and pop them into the oven. However, baking from scratch keeps the children entertained for longer periods of time.

3. Scrap-booking: Before digital cameras and camcorders, taking pictures that needed to be developed was the only way to capture memories. Some families have boxes of pictures that they never had the time to organize into a photo album. So this is a perfect time to dig them out of storage. Scrap-booking enables a family to create a beautiful and creative album that would be more cherished that a plain album. Each family member can be assigned a page and they can design it any way they want. This is also a great place to have all the children’s hand-made pictures, as well as the school awards that they’ve received.

4. Movies: Although seeing a movie in a theater is always a fun family outing, it’s also nice to watch a movie at home. If the weather hinders your driving to a video store, you can always check the forecast ahead of time so you can plan to rent a movie prior to the” bad weather day.” So with your movie in hand, you can pop popcorn, grab the junk food, get drinks, gather all the pillows and blankets, close all the curtains, and watch the movie.

Although these are just a few ideas, if you use your imagination, the possibilities are endless, no longer will a rainy day dampen a family’s fun, it will now bring them closer together and create treasured memories.