Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Children

On rainy days the best ways I found to entertain my children when they were younger, was to get together with a couple of other mothers and their children and have rainy day competitions.

First of all decide in whose house to meet. It’s best to take turns, as this also helps the children not to get fed up being in their own house every time it rains.

Now to start the competitions. Get the children to draw pictures of their best rainy days, and pictures of their worst rainy days. When they are finished drawing or painting their pictures, gather them up. As it will have taken the children some time to do their pictures now would be a good time to give them a snack. While you look at their works of art.

Now the parents must judge the pictures. Giving a small prize for first, second, and third. A small prize of an inexpensive toy for first prize is a good idea. For second and third prizes, you could give a small packet of sweets.

Another good way of keeping your children from getting bored on rainy days is to have story telling. With each parent reading in turn. Of course if your children are old enough to read themselves, they will love to participate in the reading too.

This not only encourages your children to enjoy reading, it also teaches them to get along with each other out of school. It also teaches them to be patient with each other, as not all children will read at the same pace.

Board games are another activity your children can do indoors on rainy days. Most children love it when parents take part in their games; board games are perfect for this. Board games are also good to teach a child how to become a good loser, as no one wants tantrums because of a lost game.

Another favorite activity is dressing up. All children love this. Make sure you have a chest of old clothes always at hand for rainy days and you can not go wrong. My children spent many happy hours playing dress up. You just give them a load of old clothes and their imaginations will do the rest. My children and their friends would make up little plays. Then they would act them out for the grown ups to watch. Their imaginations were boundless. Plus, it gives parents time to relax and enjoy the fun too.

Card games can be fun too. Snap and Go fish were particular favorites with my children. They would want to play for hours. They liked it best of course when they were beating the moms and dads.

Another game we played was hunt the thimble. I remember this game from my own childhood. My grandmother used to play this with my brother and sister and me. What you need is something small to hide. It doesn’t have to be a thimble. One of the parents hide the thimble somewhere in the room. While the children keep their eyes closed. Then when it’s hidden the children have ten minutes to find it. The one that finds it is the next one to hide it. This game goes on till everyone has had a turn hiding the thimble. I must say my children loved this game.

After all the fun and games they had indoors, they never missed not going out on rainy days.