India and Surrogacy Surrogacy Options

There are many reasons for India being the trend in surrogacy these days. It has a lot of good doctors and many women that are ready to take on the challenge of being a surrogate. It is far less costly when done in India as compared to the United States. The cost in India is about $3000, while in the United States it is about $60000. This can be a tremendous savings for people. They would rather spend the money on the child after they get them home then beforehand if that is possible. These costs are comprised of many things with some of them being the doctor’s charges, drugs and other consumable necessities, the delivery, the surrogate’s compensation and various other related costs.

Having English speaking doctors available in India is another reason for people choosing to go with this option. This makes people feel far more comfortable with the doctor understanding them and the concerns that they may be having. The cost is also a huge factor for many. Most surrogacy fees are paid by the couple that are seeking to have this done for them. There is no real surrogacy insurance that people can purchase. India is also known for having the desire to help people that want to have children of their own. This is something that is quite customarily done in this country.

India also has many different services for whatever type of surrogacy you may be looking for. From egg and sperm donations, to finding surrogate mothers, they have all of these and other types of services as well. They do go through a thorough process of screening and timing when it comes to the search for a donor egg and sperm as well. This is another important thing for you to know. This is when a lot of detectable issues can be identified. India has been doing this type of thing for more than 14 years and have a great reputation when it comes to this service that they provide.

The monetary value that can be put on this industry exceeds $449 million. It also claims that the number of people that have been looking for surrogacies has more than doubled in the past 3 years. How much truth is in these numbers remains to be seen, as the real numbers are unclear? This could be due to this being done in numerous small towns throughout the country where the value of the money that is being paid is more attractive to the residents. It is also vague when it comes to the numbers of surrogacies in the United States as well. Back in the early 90’s it was speculated that around 4,000 babies had been born to surrogate mothers in the US.