Important Questions to ask your Babysitter

Finding the right babysitter for your child can be a grueling experience. As parents we want our children to be safe and happy while we are away. There many questions we should ask that we just don’t think of or that we assume anyone wanting the job would be able and willing to do.

Look through these list of questions and think about the kind of answers you are hoping for. If you are uncomfortable with any of the questions ask your why. This may be one of the most important interviews you ever conduct. If some them seem truly out of line then take them off your list.

~ How long have you been babysitting?

~Have you had any long term babysitting jobs?

~How were you disciplined as a child?

~How do feel about that form of discipline now?

~What would you do if a child was throwing a tantrum and would not stop?

~Are you comfortable telling me if my child misbehaves?

~What is the worst part of childcare?

~What is the best part of childcare?

~How would you describe your care giving style?

~What would you do if the doorbell rang?

~What activities do you enjoy doing during your free time?

~What three words best describe your personality?

~How do you answer the phone?

~Do you have any long term medical problems like diabetes, epilepsy, etc?

~Are you on any medication?

~Do you smoke?

~If I am running late can you stay until I get home?

~How many children do you feel comfortable taking care of?

~Has any child become seriously injured or died in your care?

~What do you know about shaken baby syndrome?

~I have to do a background check with the police before I make a decision. Is there anything you want to tell me before I do that?

~Are you comfortable with your first aid skills?

~Are you certified for CPR?

~What would you do if a child was choking?

~Why do you want this job?

~Give me three examples of why my child would love spending time with you.

~The first time you babysit I am going to hang around the house with you. Is that a problem?

~Can you provide me with three references?

~Do you have any restraining order filed for your protection?

~Have you ever been abused?

~What kind of home were you brought up in?

This is a fairly detailed list of things parents might not have remembered to ask. Each question is a result of something parents should have known and didn’t know. They seem much more intrusive than interviewing for another type of job and they are. You are leaving your child with this person. Are they going to be safe and well cared for?

If a potential sitter leaves during this interview be grateful. You may have just dodged a bullet and huge issues. Practice asking the questions so they seem normal and non accusatory. Be ready for some shocked looks to the tough questions. How would you feel if someone asked you if you had been abused?

Be confident and caring and a good choice will come.