Importance of Curfews for Teenagers

If you are a parent of teenagers, do you tend to let them do anything they want and have their way with everything, with the intent of always pleasing them? Are you wondering whether to set a curfew for them? Although it is okay to have the desire to establish a relationship with them and let them have independence, you have to take a little control over their lives. You will learn the importance of setting a curfew for them.

One reason why you must do this is it will help them stay out of trouble. A lot of municipalities have laws that forbid those under a certain age such as eighteen years to be away from home during the late night hours. If your teens break these laws, they are likely to be arrested. Additionally, the less time that they are out, the less time they have to commit a crime, mess with drugs, etc.

Another reason why you have to do this is that you have to protect them. This is a good way for you to look out for their safety. The later that they are out, the greater their chances of being victims of crime.

You have to do this for your own sake in addition to doing it for theirs. Do you really want to lie awake all night worrying about whether they are safe? By making them come home by nine or ten at night, you will not have to do a lot of worrying. The less time that you spend worrying about things, the better your health is likely to be, as having too much stress can have a harmful effect on it.

This will help make you a better parent. As you allow the concern that you have for your teens to guide you, you will do the right thing and make this tough decision. As a parent, you have to always make decisions that are in your kids’ best interests instead of merely making ones that will make them happy.

They are probably going to thank you sooner or later. One reason why is that you are expressing your love for them by looking out for their welfare. Another is that you are asserting your authority for their benefit.

Giving them a curfew can also be beneficial for their friends. If your teens do the driving on their dates, they will have to take whomever they are dating home at a good time before they are scheduled to come home to beat the deadline.

You have learned why teens need a curfew. By imposing one on yours, you will help protect them.