Importance of Ambience in Breastfeeding

Think of your favorite restaurant. Does it have loud music, bright lights, flashing neon signs inside and incredibly uncomfortable seating arrangements? Probably not.

Favored eating scenarios generally have music that is easy to listen to. Something that blends gently into the background allowing for dinner conversation. The lighting is comfortable, not to bright, but not to dark either, the food needs to be easily seen. The seating is preferably comfortable.

The ambience and atmosphere of a restaurant greatly affects the diners enjoyment. As such great time and care is generally taken to ensure that the correct backdrop is created. This same care is also needed for the breastfeeding mother and child. Particularly in the first instances.

While breastfeeding is a natural process it is still a learned skill. Unfortunately not every mother and baby find that they are instantly able to master the finer details. More often than not this is due to a lack of the correct ambience being created.

Upon exiting the womb many babies are faced with the bright shining lights of a sterile birthing room full of strange loud voices and noises. The natural tendency to feed is ignored due to these distractions. In addition to this the new mother may feel nervous and uncomfortable at attempting to feed with the watchful eyes of semi strangers thrown upon her.

If given the correct environment then even a newborn baby is able to instinctively find it’s mother’s breast and successfully feed almost immediately after birth.

Thankfully more and more professionals are realizing the importance of creating the right ambience for breastfeeding. Birthing rooms are becoming dimmer and quieter, allowing mother and child to have more of a bonding opportunity. However, the importance of maintaining this ambience upon leaving the birth room is not always stressed enough to the new mother.

Babies are naturally inquisitive and easily distracted. Loud noises or people talking while attempting to breastfeed, especially in the initial stages, can be very detrimental to the process. That is why for the first few days, if not weeks, the breastfeeding mother should take the time to create the ideal feeding environment.

By taking a few minutes to adequately set the scene both mother and child will find the experience of breastfeeding not only easier but also more enjoyable. Of course creating the perfect atmosphere will not always be possible. Babies can be unpredictable and demand to be fed at any given time. However here are a few tips to creating the optimum breastfeeding environment.

~ Find a quiet and comfortable chair or even bed if you prefer to lay down
~ Have adequate cushions and pillows as needed easily available to save getting up
~ Silence is not necessary, many find a relaxing CD useful, however make sure your voice can easily be heard by baby
~ Relaxation is the key. If mother is relaxed then baby will follow suit. A couple of deep breaths does wonders for removing tension

By taking the time to create the right ambience for you and your baby your are ensuring a wonderful breastfeeding experience that will only strengthen the natural bond between mother and child