Impact of a Parents Behavior on Children

When you are bringing up small children, it is important that you are aware of your own behavior whilst you are around them. Children look up to adults and sometimes parents do not realize the impact that their own behavior can have on their children. 

Everyone wants to be a good parent, but sometimes it is possible to make mistakes along the way. You should take some time every now and then to analyze your own behavior and think about how the parent’s behaviour may be affecting their kids.

If you are trying to discipline your children and use smacking as a form of punishment, then stand back and think about it for a second. This is the scenario – your son has just hit your daughter because she was playing with a toy that he wanted to play with. What would you do?  Smack him to show that that was a bad thing to do? 

Many parents would in this situation, but from an outsider’s point of view, it is easy to see that this is negative to the situation. Giving a violent punishment for a violent act will not teach the child anything. In fact, it may even teach them to believe that solving violent confrontations with further violence is the best way to deal with things. You should consider this the next time you reach out your hand to spank your child.

Another kind of behavior that adults show, which can have a direct impact on the behavior of their children is shouting. Many children shout and scream only because they have learnt this from their parents. If moms and dads shout at each other because they are having an argument or disagreement, then this itself will be something that the child thinks is okay and may start to mimic. 

Likewise, if you shout and yell at your child for being naughty, or even for shouting, then you shouldn’t be surprised if they shout in return. Instead, take control of the situation. You should try to talk calmly and rationally. If your child is out of control and shouting and screaming, then you shouldn’t yell back in return or it will just become a shouting competition and nobody will have the chance to have his or her say. 

If you talk calmly and quietly, then this will calm the child down and eventually they will learn that it is far more productive to have a rational conversation than shouting and yelling.

In short, if you display good behavior and manners, your children will copy your example.