If Children Behave Badly Who’s to Blame Parents or Child – Parents

One of almost any parent’s worst fears is to be in store or restaurant when a child starts to misbehave as everyone is quickly drawn to a child having a fit or a parent disciplining a misbehaving child. Furthermore, people have a tendency of automatically assuming a parent is responsible for the child’s bad behavior, especially when it comes to younger children. Meanwhile, older children and teens often receive the brunt of blame for their bad behavior even when it the parents who shaped their behavior. The question most people ask is who is more to blame as children are influenced by their parent’s behavior and discipline while children are individuals who are to some degree capable of choosing their own behavior.

On the other hand, people generally fail to question what bad behavior is. A child screaming or acting out can simply be a sign that the parent is not properly attending to the child’s needs while all children “misbehave” because they lack the training, experience, and understanding needed to behave the “proper” way in a given circumstance. Bad behavior is an objective term as it is often merely behavior which parents do not want their children to engage in, not behavior that is unlawful or harmful. Moving forward, parents are often embarrassed when they are seen disciplining their children for acting out, thus, parents’ perceive their ability to parent as truncated when in public areas; however, parents who properly discipline their children should have no regrets. What parents should be embarrassed about is their behavior when they blowup at their children for the children’s bad behavior; an out of control parent cannot effectively teach a child how to control his or her behavior. Furthermore, most adults do not enjoy negative attention so children naturally learn large public venues are places where they can misbehave or expect their parents to weakly enforce rules; therefore, a misbehaving child must be removed from public events in order to train them to behave outside of the home.

Moreover, good discipline begins when a parent is calm while home generally represents a secure place to practice proper discipline, such as timeouts and denial of stimuli like toys or treats, because the parents do not receive negative attention for disciplining their children and children are not distracted by the chaotic nature of public spaces. Meanwhile, if a child refuses to behave in a public space, the child needs to be punished by the parents removing him or her from the public arena until proper behavior is observed. Frankly, this is a task that is easier said than done as many parents do not have the luxury of staying home all day long, so parents must aim to arrange situations where they can remove their misbehaving children from a public event to train them to behave in public before they are in a situation where they must be in public areas.

Parents shape their children to behave properly while they also train them to misbehave, which is not say all parents are unfit and they intentional cause their children to behave badly as training bad behavior can be quite accidental. However, when a parent behaves poorly to a child, the child will either mirror that behavior or respond to that behavior with some other form of unacceptable behavior. Furthermore, even older children and teens act on their parents’ training, so it is imperative that parents implement age appropriate discipline to correct their children’s poor behavior before their children leave their influence and head out to adulthood. In many respects, the bad behavior of children is primary the parent’s fault; however, this recognition is not significant unless it leads to the parents actively engaging in a disciplinary program that helps reduce the incidences of misbehavior. Kids will act out, push the boundaries of that their parents set, and want the same freedoms as adults, but bad behavior occurs when a child continually violates the rules of the parents while that lack of obedience is harmful to the child as it can lead to situations where the child endangers his or herself while it also socially harms the child in the long run. At some point, everyone must be accountable for their actions, but parents must take control over their own behavior and their children’s misbehavior to adequately parent, before they are no longer parents.