Ideas for healthy lunch options for toddlers

Creating healthy lunch options for toddlers can be fun for both parents and their tiny tots. Toddlers can be picky, but many love to try new foods, and even the picky ones are in a developmental stage where offering different foods can help develop their palettes and increase their likability for new foods. In fact, it can take as many as 12 tries for a young child to like a new food.

Some great healthy options for toddler lunches:

Honey, Almond Butter & Banana is a new twist on the traditional sandwich. Almond butter is a great healthy option, and bananas are a wonderful children’s favorite.

Pear & Avocado is another interesting sandwich option: pear and avocado. Avocado is a great spreadable fruit, and pear compliments the richness of the avocado with a slight sweetness.

Smoothies can be a healthy option for busy moms (dads, grandparents, caregivers, etc.) on the go. A smoothie is a great lunch alternative. This smoothie includes berries, bananas, and protein packed tofu. Delicious.

Pizza Roll Up Bento Box are a popular choice for lunches, especially for children. These compartmentalized lunches not only look good, but encourage healthier lunch choices. In this lunch, pizza roll ups make a festive sandwich alternative. What kids doesn’t love pizza?

Strawberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich is another great sandwich option for little ones who love strawberries. This is a super easy sandwich to make, and a great toddler lunch choice.

Some great websites for finding other great lunch options are: Eating Well, Parenting, and Wholesome Toddler Food. Remember kids love color. Displaying fruits and veggies in a a colorful and creative way, is also enticing for toddlers. It can also be a great tool to help teach them different colors.

Toddlers are curious by nature, so another idea is to take them to the grocery store, so that they can help pick out new foods to try. Start in the produce aisle and check out fruits and vegetables that they have never tried before. Many stores offer exotic produce and this may spark their curiosity. Kumquats anyone?

At Choose My Plate, which is a US government website, parents and caregivers can find not only healthy food choices, but find out how much of each food group is recommended at every meal There are even plates, that are sold in the baby and toddler feeding section, sold at stores that show the exact proportions, as outlined on the website. This is a great tool to act as a guide when feeding a toddler.

Offering toddlers new foods regularly will help their pallet develop and discourage picky behavior. Many little ones are picky because they eat the same things over and over again, and they aren’t as receptive to trying something new. However, repetition is key. Offering new foods up to a dozen times will help toddler adapt to their new food, and eventually they will probably like it. If not, there are always some foods that aren’t for everyone. Lunch time should be a fun time for toddlers to experience healthy foods that they will enjoy for years to come.