Ideas for great baby gift baskets

Giving a gift basket at a baby shower, or to a mother-to-be is a great idea. It allows you to be creative and yet not have to work real hard at it if you don’t want to. You get to choose how much you want to spend and you can decide how much work you want to put into the effort. There are really two types of gift basket ideas. The truly functional, and the decorative. Both serve a purpose and both can be really cool.

Tips on creating a functional or creative gift basket:

Functional baby gift basket

A functional gift basket can be creative, but its main purpose is to have a wide variety of gifts in it. It can be decorated well, but it doesn’t have to be. To start your basket, pick out one you like. It doesn’t have to have a handle (though handles are fun to decorate.) If you pick out a square or rectangle one, there are going to be a thousand things the new mom can do with it.

A good filler is always diapers. They take up a nice amount of space which lets you fill the basket and then use more decorative types of items on top. You certainly don’t have to do it that way. Other options include placing a good sized blanket in the bottom, or a few receiving blankets. Or you can use a smaller basket.

Once you have your basket picked out and any filler added, you can be creative. Picking a theme is always fun, but not a must-have since you can stick with new baby as the theme. You can pick boy or girl specific colors.

Theme ideas can be bath time and include a rubber duck, shampoo and body wash, baby powder, lotion, wash clothes, a baby towel, a bathrobe and slippers and other bath time/bed time related items. You can do a similar thing with feeding time, or other exciting times in a baby’s life. You can also do a relaxing time or soothing time which can include a CD of soft relaxing music, baby massage oil, and other things that can be used to help soothe a crying or upset baby.

Whatever you choose, have fun with. Remember you don’t have to stick to a theme and you can get a variety of items to place in the basket. You can stick with clothes or toys, or even just diapers if you want to. This is a gift you truly get to decide everything for yourself.

If you want something more functional then a basket (although the square baskets are definitely functional) you can also use a baby bath tub, a dish pan (they can also come in handy), or a good bath toy basket made of plastic and ready to help toys and bath items drain.

When your basket is full you can decorate it with curling ribbon and small items (this is where the handle is particularly fun.) You can add pacifiers, rattles and all sorts of fun things. This adds the finishing touches to a great basket.

Decorative baby gift basket

If it doesn’t matter that everything is completely functional then you can do a decorative basket that is just that. You can use all sorts of functional items to decorate a basket that isn’t functional. For example you can make a baby buggy basket or a baby carrier basket.

Start with two large baskets, the largest of which has a handle and the smaller one is just small enough to fit into the first. Place the smaller basket on its side inside the larger basket so it forms that canopy to the baby carrier. Hot glue it in place. Next cover all of the basket with cute baby items. You can use receiving blankets, baby towels, a layette set and other great cloth items. Pin all items in place with safety pins. If you want it to be a buggy make wheels by wrapping up bottles (or other items of similar shape and size) and tie them, then pin them on the bottom of the basket. Fold a blanket up and place it on the bottom of the basket. Add a baby doll. Then decorate the basket with any items you wish. You can use curling ribbon to attach them.

You can also fill this basket with items that you wish to give, but the baby doll sets it off very nicely. Have fun with this and enjoy making an adorable gift full of useful things.

Which ever basket that choose, have fun giving such a great gift. You have such control over every aspect of this gift, have fun deciding, have fun making and enjoy giving such a great gift.