Ideas for Active Kids

Children are naturally active once they become mobile, as they set out to explore the world. It is important for children to remain active for good health and well-being. However, in today’s times it can be more of a challenge to keep kids active, as the digital world is attractive and can be time consuming for children. Raising children to be active sets good habits that can promote a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for raising active kids:

Be active

An active family unit sets good habits and shows a good example for children to follow. If the family are active each an everyday and have good stamina, the children will be a part of this. Setting the tone is important for the children to understand that being active is part of a healthy lifestyle. Adapt the schedule to include more active time to increase the amount of physical activity time the family gets.

Limit time in the virtual world

It is important for children to have rules and boundaries in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. One such rule that needs to be enforced in today’s times is a set amount of time for playing in the virtual world. This can include surfing the Internet, playing video games and watching television. Without restrictions, these devices can swallow up time and contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. Whilst rules are needed here, be positive in approach to avoid it seeming like punishment.

Family activities

Joining together as a family unit to share activities to get the children moving promotes fun and enthusiasm. There’s a multitude of activities that can be enjoyed regularly from going on a brisk family walk exploring nature and taking in the sites, bike riding, sports or anything that requires physical activity. Alternate between different activities to keep it interesting and to find something that everyone can excel in.

Get the kids involved

Daily life is busy with many tasks needing to be completed each and every day. With cooking, cleaning and errands that need to be done, adults can soon become worn out by the end of the day. With all the responsibilities that need to be taken care of each day, time and energy can become limited. Whilst remaining active and busy is good, it is even better to share these tasks with the children to get them involved and moving. Getting the kids involved makes them feel important while encouraging them to lead active lifestyles.

Play together

Children love to play, especially when their parents get involved and join in. There are many different active ways to play with children of all ages. Find age-appropriate activities that involve active movement. Children are great with coming up with new ideas that are fun. Whatever the chosen activity, ensure to join in and show great enthusiasm. The more fun the activity, the more participation the children will put in. Get moving while playing and having fun together.

Be positive

Physical activity should be all about fun and feeling good. If active time is focused on having fun and feeling good children are more likely to partake and put all their effort into it. Always send out a positive message about physical activity and praise their efforts. It is important to acknowledge and praise their efforts to boost their spirit whilst increasing their confidence. Adding to the good feeling encourages children to be active and enjoy physical activities.

Once the days are increased with more active time, the children will benefit from feeling energetic and healthy. Encourage healthy activity by taking part and finding new activities to enjoy together as a family. Make every effort to set the example for the children to follow. Get them active by including them in everyday tasks that need to be completed, and ensure to provide nutritious and healthy food to help contribute towards a healthy lifestyle as well as provide energy.