Ideas for a little Girls first Birthday

You want your little girl’s first birthday to be something very special. There are many different ways that you can celebrate this special milestone. Consider the following ideas.

A house party is great for a first birthday party because you can invite as many people as will fit in your house and do not have to worry about a time limit or pay an expensive per person fee. You will have many choices of decorations. You can buy party supplies that specifically say baby’s first birthday. These come in versions that are decorated in pink. A party supply store like Party City has several designs. Alternatively, you can decorate with a generic girls theme such as princesses, butterflies, fairies or popular characters for young children such as those from Sesame Street.

There are many different things you can do to entertain children at a little girl’s first birthday party. You can hire somebody to do a little age-appropriate magic show for instance. You can hire a clown. If your child likes animals, then you can get a small petting farm to come out.

You could also get someone to dress as a character for your party. For instance, if your daughter likes Minnie mouse, then hire someone to come dressed as her. You could also have someone dressed as one of the Disney princesses. Think about the age of the other children at the party when planning who will visit.

There are many other places where you might have your little daughter’s first birthday party. You have to be careful because a lot of children’s places are designed for children who are older. However, you can have the party at a children’s arcade such as Chuck E Cheese. Many one-year-olds enjoy this arcade. There are also many children’s gyms such as My Gym that host birthday parties for young children. A zoo is another great place for a little girl’s first birthday.

Another option is to have a birthday party in a park near a playground. Make sure that it is appropriate for your young child. They make bounce houses that are specifically made for very young toddlers as well.

You have many options when it comes to food for your daughter’s first birthday party. There might be something specific that she enjoys. If there will be a lot of children, you might want to serve something that a lot of kids like such as pizza. You can also serve finger foods that are favorites of children such as cereals like Cheerios or goldfish. Instead of soda, stick with healthier beverages such as juice and water.

There are many different ways to throw your daughter’s first birthday party. Look for something meaningful to both you and her.