I am the Child Speaking from Experience when i Parents Shows Favortism toward my Brother and Sister

I am not a parent of any children. However, I am the child speaking. When I was a little girl my father showed favoritism towards my sister. I remember him saying to me as he was hugging my sister…”Are you jealous?” That indeed affected my life because now I find myself seeking approval from men. I realized I would go out of my way to be a people pleaser. Especially with me. I was once married (now divorced). During my marriage my husband was unfaithful towards me. I almost did anything to save our marriage. 
My mother is showing favoritism toward my sister and one of my brothers. I am the 4th born out of 6 children. My sister is the 5th born and the brother whom I am talking about is the 3rd born. So I am the middle child between my sister and my brother I am talking about. My mother always praises my brother and doing the same towards my sister in front of me. Before Christmas 2008 I was completely homeless and my sister let me stay with her after she forced me to sign some agreement . My mother currently lives with my sister and that has been like that for over many years. During last Christmas my sister got upset because I gave her daughter suggestions about her college goals. As a result, my sister kicked me out of her house in the cold snow two days before Christmas. My mother did not defend me. I was homeless during Christmas and my mother and sister decided to go to visit my brother who lives in another state without me. Neither one of them called me after my sister kicked me out of her house. I was so sad and lonely on Christmas.

Since that happened, my mother acts as though that did not take place. No one apologized to me. I tried to be a peacemaker by calling my sister and leaving a message on December 16, 2009 (our father’s birthday) and asked her if I can come over for Christmas. She has not returned my phone call. Today (December 23, 2009), my mother is trying to call me and I won’t let her in my life. It is too painful for me.  I decided to block my mother out of my life.

To anyone, I do you suggest that I handle this situation?