How your Actions Affect your Childrens Choices

Parents desire for their children to follow the right paths in life, make the right choices and have a bright future. But many are instances where children are what they are simply because of the actions taken by their parents. It is very important for parents to be careful with every action they take, for you never know how your children will be guided by it.

Many times parents believe that if they tell their children what to do then all will be fine. But so often they never put into consideration their own actions and what effect it will have on their children. Children learn a lot from what they see their parents do and many time follow their footsteps.

For instance consider parents who don’t respect each other and keep insulting one another before their children. This prints many different pictures in the mind of a child. As a result some children choose to also live a life of no respect neither for others nor for themselves simply because it’s what the parents exercised before them. Other children may grow up in total fear of people because in their home the environment was harsh.

Parents need to take a very close watch over how they act especially before their children. If you want your children to grow up with good character and be successful in their life, the way you act as an individual matters a lot. This does not mean that only cooperate working class parents are the best example but be a good exemplary role model. If you are running your own business, show your children the good qualities of success in life like financial discipline, endurance, hardworking E.t.c. in this way the children learn to appreciate more of life and get to see the fruits of possessing such qualities in life.

If the parents are the cooperate working class, exercising traits of good time management, fulfillment of work deadlines and maintaining a good work reputation are some of the great qualities to practice before your children. This allows your children to feel proud of you and motivates them to make choices that will enable them to be just like their parents or even better.

It is also of great importance to have a righteous and respectful social life. Most of the social problems society is facing are as a result of where people come from and what they have experienced in life. There are so many divorces going on, violence in many relationships and many single parents. This is all happening because some parents have made it seem okay to have such in the society and as a result when the children grow up, also practice what they believe or have learnt to be the normal way of life.

It is very important for parents to live the kind of life they would desire for their children. Not to say one thing and then do the opposite. Children concentrate a lot on what you do more than want you say. They look up to your actions and out of love and respect make choices depending on that which they have learnt from you.  Don’t think that your children will live their own lives so then you decide to live yours without putting into consideration the impact of your actions upon them. Yes some children have been able to make the right choices when they grow up even though the actions of their parents were not the best to follow.

But not all children are strong on their own. Many of them take the footsteps of their parents and end up making bad choices. The impact of these choices can crash their lives into pieces which can be difficult to put back together. So parents need to take on the right actions in life and give their children a better tomorrow.