How Young Children can Connect with their Grandparents

For grandparents to have an impact on their grandchildren, there must be a meeting of the minds:  the grandparents’ and the parents’.  In that initial meeting, you will either access the importance of your connection with your grandchildren or you will give each other a reason as to why that connection is not forthcoming.  So, making sure that your grandchildren are a part of this initial screening will further your purpose along:  to connect with your grandchildren.

When you involve the children in a family conference of this nature, something amazing happens.  You will establish certain guidelines that will have very desired effects on future relationships with your grandchildren; and therefore, dissolving any inhibitions that your son or daughter may have toward you connecting with your grandchildren. 

Also, respecting the parents as well as their household rules will further enable you to connect with your grandchildren.  Parents are the authority figures in the home.  And as a result, they merit the respect that you can accord to them.  For example, telling your grandchildren that it is o k for them to have two desserts when their parents say they can have only one is a blatant violation of those household rules.  Besides, allowing your grandchildren to have two desserts increases the pounds.

Furthermore, reneging on one or all of those household rules is not being totally honest.  Remember, the parents are the authority figures in the home and what they say should carry a great deal of weight.  And violating one or all those rules you not only disrespect their authority but you liable yourself of not being able to connect with your grandchildren.

That may sound harsh, but rules are made for the good of all.  And it behooves all of us, grandparents included, to at least respect the right of the parent to instill discipline the way he or she sees fit. 

Grandparents should ask or request permission if the situation deems it.  For example, taking your grandchildren out of town if only for the weekend should be bolstered by the parents’ affirmative yes.  Then you not only save face but you can savor any future connections you have with your grandchildren. 

Grandparents can savor the benefits of bonding with their grandchildren.  You have heard of father-son bonding or mother-daughter bonding.  Well, allowing yourself to savor the benefits of bonding with your grandchildren is a way for you to connect with them while they are still young for the differences in your generations will be bridged by how your years of experience closes the gap.

Being a grandparent don’t mean that you are devoid of the technical know-how when it comes to the computer.  Show your grandchildren your prowess when it comes to showcasing your skills on the computer. 

Finally, connecting with your grandchildren can be as simple doing things that are age appropriate – fit exclusively for their age categories.  So the more you do things with your grandchildren the better those connections will be.