How Working after School Jobs Builds self Esteem for Teens

“He who defines duty for himself is his own master.” -Dick Cheatham

Teenagers have no control over anything in their society or lives. They have no real sense of independence as of yet. They feel as as though the proverbial candy shop is only to be admired, envied, wanted from outside of the glass window while looking in. At this point parents, guardians, instructors and other persons with authority pose control over most of a teenager’s actions. They are not yet adults nor still children. When one has no sense of independence or control they begin to feel useless and incapable of anything.

Going through school with excellent grades and attitudes is something every parent should be proud of. It is an essential part of growing up but it is being savvy with books. Being savvy with books is wonderful but the missing element of life is experience. Jobs tend to develop a teenager’s sense of experience. It is something that gives them what is called life smarts. Book smarts and life smarts are two very different aspect in life.

A very wise man once said that he was a teacher and knew everything about the wars in human history. He said this mattered none at all because his brother knew everything about the experiences of life. This is a very important aspect that all individuals should have in life.

An after school job gives a teenager a sense of what life experiences are and what they consist of. Jobs require a responsibility that goes beyond schooling. School teaches that responsibility is very important in life and tries to enforce that. Despite all of the good enforcement there is no real consequence in school if that responsibility is shunned.

If one fails to be prepared for classes they may receive a poor grade. If one fails to appear on time for work many times may be released from the job. Without the job there is no income and that alone can have adverse effects. More so than being failed in school. In school there are always more chances. School is for learning. Jobs are for using all that has been taught to the individual. School is a means of mere preparation for life.

To a teenager, money is a reward for hard work and at a very young age they were undoubtedly taught that money is a necessity. When one has worked hard for this money then that gives the person the control and independence to spend it in whichever way they wish.

When one works a job well done they are usually praised. Not only with money but an approval from managers and coworkers. This is something that indeed gives a teenager some sense of independence and turns them into a person that is very capable of doing something for society. It is the feeling of being needed and able to show what a person can be. Jobs have a way of pushing a younger person out there in the world of work and establishes a network of sorts. An example would be after one job perhaps the employer would recommend this person to another job. This helps one work their way into a career.

Ultimately it is about independence and empowerment. It is the ability to transform from a student body to the mature working body. A job does hone on these skills to make each of us a better person.