How to Work from Home

Making the decision to work at home can be difficult. Many times, the pay may not be as much as you are used to, and whether you are self-employed or telecommute, you may not receive a benefits package either. Also, the supplies used to work from home may be coming out of your pocket. There are many expenses that come with working from home, but there are definitely financial perks to choosing this work situation.

Eating out less – Working outside of the home, usually means eating out for lunch. Even if you do pack your lunch a day or two a week, the temptation for a fresher meal can tempt your senses and dig deeply into your wallet. If you work from home, you can prepare a fresh, inexpensive meal, without leaving “work”.

Commuting – The cost of commuting includes: gasoline, regular maintenance, and wear and tear on your vehicle. Cutting out the commute altogether not only saves money on these costs, but on that morning cup of coffee and pastry at the nearest coffee shop.

Daycare – Although sometimes these may not be a plausible situation, some men and women can keep their children home instead of sending them off to an expensive daycare. This helps immensely if your schedule is flexible enough to permit you to work around the schedules of your children.

Tax write offs – If you are self-employed, then the portion of your home that you use as a home office, as well as various supplies and equipment that you use for your business can be tax deductible, such as a computer. Even if you use it for both personal and business use, you should be able to write off the purchase. Check with your tax preparer for more information about what can be used as a tax deduction and what cannot.

Less stress – Many people find this working environment to be less stressful than a conventional one. This all depends on your work habits, however. Without a boss hanging over you to get your job finished on time, that is up to you to do. Some people find themselves working way past the normal eight hour workday. However, implementing a proper work schedule, breaks included, and shutting that office door once quitting time comes can help ease stress levels.

Working at home can be the ideal situation for many people. There are many financial and psychological benefits of working from home, but they do vary from situation to situation and from person to person. Taking into consideration all of the perks and the downsides to working from home can help you make an informed decision.