How to Wear Pregnancy Bump

When one gets pregnant, the doctor might provide a wide array of symptoms that one can expect when expecting. But there are still a few things that one would possibly be pondering on and have questions about. One of which is very practical in nature: how to dress up or wear a pregnancy bump . As today’s women assume more roles in the workplace and in society, pregnancy need not be a hindrance. One can certainly strut the office or the mall: pregnant style!

First thing one can invest in is a pair of comfy stretchable pants, also known as jeggings. Old cardigans, sweatshirts and blouses can all be worn and paired together with this. One would still look hip and  slim, as the outfit is hugging and is form-fitting. One can also extend use of an old or favorite pair of jeans by leaving the top button open, placing an elastic band instead. No one will notice the difference.

Second wardrobe item, which one might already have is a wrap-it-up dress. This dress provides one with a sophisticated and professional look without the added discomfort. In addition, it is very flexible and can be worn from the first to third trimester of the pregnancy. It is also very ideal when one is breast-feeding. The top part can easily be slid to the side. It also has a form-fitting figure from top. And comes in all color,  prints and fabrics.

Another must-have is a maxi dress. It is designed to be long and loose. This type of outfit, provided a size or two bigger can be well worn through-out the pregnancy, It looks slim, elegant and feminine. It is also free-flowing and provides room for growth. If the bosom is a bit revealing, then all the more reason to flaunt it. As it is the time that the breasts are in their fullest shape.

Third would be the ever handy little black dress. An empire-cut with a belt would also be very ideal. Designers like Calvin Klein and Chloe provide very stylish selections. Being pregnant, should not stop one from wearing one’s favorite type of clothes or even brand for that matter. Whoever wanted to look like a potato-sack? Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Giselle Bunchen have looked their best while being pregnant, simply by making it look natural. Gone are the days of pregnancy meaning synonymous to buying size 15 dresses! One can still look sultry and be an embodiment of femininity while pregnant.

It is no denying that pregnancy is a time coupled with changes to the woman’s body. Dressing up may become challenging at first, but these standard items in ones wardrobe provide a solution. Ones fashion sense need not change because of a protruding tummy. One should embrace this change. Change can be a good thing with a few new tricks. The mantra is not to hide but to celebrate the change. One should be proud of it and strut it with confidence. After all, it is this confidence that makes one beautiful.