How to Understand what a Toddler says or does

For a first time parents, deciphering their toddler’s actions is perhaps the most difficult questions posed to them ever. Although it can be said that the knowledge of a child’s feelings and emotions come naturally to a mother, they still need some level of guidence to overcome the problems created by the absence of proper speech in her toddler.

 Prior to discussing this issue, it is important to note that even toddlers are well aware of their surroundings, their environment and people’s attitude towards him and towards each other. So, many a times when a child behaves in a strange manner, throws tantrum or gets un usually cranky, it might not always be something inside him. If he is not sick then definitely it has something to do with the surrounding he lives in. Much of a child’s behavior is directly proportioned to the mental state of his mother. A mother transmits her emotions to her child at a un conscious level. Therefore it is important to mind your language and behavior in front of your child and transfer your calm attitude to him.

Nevertheless, a child’s energy level is completely different from adults. Therefore, if one’s toddler is habitual of throwing tantrums and being cranky at certain times of the day, it’s a sure sign that either he needs an adult to play with him or he wants some physical activity outside the confinement of home. Some moms complain about their toddlers becoming too cranky in the winter season. One important reason for this could be that they are not able to enjoy outside any longer. And in this age they will not understand the change of seasons and that they need to wait for the summer and so on. Thus, it is important for parents to provide their toddlers with better alternates, like playing in indoor facilities, or enjoying sometime in the library, visiting neighbors and family who have same age or older kids or even taking them for a walk outside with proper and safe dressing.

As it is common knowledge that children ape adults. Based on this theory one can do some practical experiments by teaching children the sign language for their regular needs, like being hungry, having stomach ache, want to play with some specific toy, want to get changed and definitely children all the time do that themselves. A little more training can put the parents at ease. That said parenting is difficult at every stage because not everyone is a psychoanalyst and kids in the toddler age can become completely in comprehensible at times even to their parents. The most important thing to remember is to control ones temper and do not let frustration creep in.