How to Treat a Fever during Pregnancy Acetaminophen Fever while Pregnant Obstitricians Advice

Safely knowing how to treat a fever during pregnancy can keep you and your baby safe. Fevers are normal, for the most part, and are the result of the body raising it’s temperature in order to kill a virus or bacteria which has entered the body. There are limitations on what methods of fever reduction you can use during this time, but there are also methods you can use.


Acetaminophen, like Tylenol, can be safely used to treat a fever during pregnancy. Asking your obstetrician first, and receiving the go ahead, will be the first step. Then, follow the dosing recommendations according to the label. Take the Acetaminophen on an as needed basis.

It’s best to follow the dosing directions to avoid an overdose. Though Acetaminophen is relatively safe, taking too much can be dangerous. If you believe you have overdosed on acetaminophen, call your physician immediately and follow his or her advice.

Dress Light and Cool

Since the normal body temperature ( 98.6°F ) is elevated, wearing light and cool clothing can help keep the body from excessively overheating, helping to treat your fever. Light colored, thin clothing selections, allow air to pass freely over the body, which helps to naturally cool you down. Combining Acetaminophen with this cooling method can give you quicker cooling results.

A breathable shirt and comfy shorts, or pajama bottoms, will work great. Also, simply wearing a light colored cotton gown can be worn. If the opportunity is available, you can just lie on the bed/couch, wearing your undergarments, and cover up with a sheet or thin blanket.

Tepid Bath

Taking a tepid bath may also help to treat your fever. If you don’t feel like washing and scrubbing, just soaking in a tub of tepid water can lower your temperature. If you ask others how to treat a fever during pregnancy, this will likely be a solution you will hear. If you add dressing light and cool, and acetaminophen to your tepid bath, your fever should definitely reduce.

If possible, avoid using bubbles, oils, or bath salts during your soak. Products like these may cause irritation to the urethra, thus, increasing your chances of developing a UTI. Plain, clean water will also be best in the event that you experience any vaginal bleeding or your water should break.

 Quickly reducing a fever is the best way to keep from overheating your body, and overheating the baby. Contacting your obstetrician at the onset of the fever is going to be the best, safest, and most advisable step you can take. He or she will need to identify what’s going on within your body, and will advise you how best to safely treat a fever during pregnancy.